09 December 2008

Holiday Presence :: Day Fourteen

Another wonderful thing about The Holidays is the fact that it often brings out affordable finds at local thrifts and antique stores. Things that have been squirreled away for a while, or people that find themselves going through their holiday decorations and deciding to let go...Which means fun finds for the rest of us!
(I didn't post the prices I paid for these...but, they were all completely affordable...which usually leaves me so giddy when I find them that I can't concentrate on even looking at anything else...because I'm hunched over my finds. I guess I think that someone is going to point and yell something at me and then they're going to get taken away? Giggle...)

A medium sized blue themed bottle brush tree with aluminum ruffles and glass decorations.

Not one, but two goofy looking vintage German Santa head candy containers.

A handful of vintage glass painted glass light bulbs from Japan, taken from their original light cord and tied with ribbon to make them into ornaments...including some very cute face ones which I've never seen before...of course, having the ribbon tied around the bottom of the lights makes the Santa hang upside down, then again, I'm sure he hung upside down on the cord as well, so he's probably use to it...poor Santa.

And, a couple of vintage Christmas tablecloths, which aren't as easy to find sometimes...the one pictured here apparently was going to run out of fabric before the bottom of the print was inked onto it, so someone attached an extra piece of material using some serious thread...which was then printed on. I suppose that the "value" may go down on this piece, except that I think it's so unusual and fun...so it's a gem in my eye!

A set of vintage tavern candles in their original box.

A mica village house with 3 white bottle brush trees, and it's own bit of mica property. I also found 3 more tiny vintage glitter village homes from Japan that kind of pale in comparison to this large beauty. We're calling it the McMansion of the glitter village
(I guess you can't escape the McMansions...even in Christmas villages...sigh)

I will work on taking a perfect picture of the mantle soon...as both it and the tree have been decorated for about a week, sans Rozzilyn, my mother and I...

Of course, half of the twinkling lights on the mantle refuse to light now for some odd reason. They're a new set straight from the box for heavens sake...

Wonky lights are something that I don't like about the holidays, but something that is certainly present this year.


Anonymous said...

I love the angel candles...remind me of stuff mom had growing up.

~Molly~ said...

When my aunt and mom cleaned out my grandmother's house they tossed a ton of good Christmas stuff! She had done a nice ceramic village but I'm pretty sure my aunt stashed it for one of her children. My favorite thing was her three wise men made from laundry detergent bottles or something or other. They were very nicely done and just special. Those were tossed along with most of the other stuff. Grrrrr. I wish I'd been there to help sort it all out!!

The worst thing is that my grandpa gave all their tree ornaments(most were handmade by my mom, either wooden or crosstitch) to my cousin's daughter and when she divorced her abusive husband she left them with him. I would LOOOOOVE to have those since my mom didn't make all that much for me. She feels bad about it so she's been working this year on some crosstitch stuff for my kids.

I love the tree and the mica mcmansion! Just gorgeous. Now I'm inspired to at least get my mantel done. I've got to iron my wall hanging first though.


Suzanne said...

I just really want to wish you a wonderful holiday. I know you are truly experiencing it, with these wonderful photos. They are even putting me in the mood!

For the holiday this season, I just can't wait to actually slow down somewhat. It feels like a frantic sprint to the finish for some reason this year, especially with work, but also getting things out for the holiday. Big plus, the hubby helped me get all the cards ready to mail tonight! :) Yours is coming soon!

Sure hope you've been doing better. While I haven't written, I've been thinking of you lots!


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