16 December 2008

Holiday Presence :: Day Twenty-One


I have made a startling discovery this year while doing my Holiday Presence project...I love lights. Now, I've always had a suspicion this may be so, but this year I find myself seeking out lights...being drawn towards them like a moth towards a flame...or a moth towards a light for that matter. I want to stand and just appreciate the lights this year...they remind me of something magical.

I rediscovered a set of tin star lights that I bought at a rummage sale, and thought they would look perfect surrounding the light and small entry way of Foolsewoode. I hung the string, and then put the stars on each of the flickering bulbs, so when the timer comes on (I love love love light timers, because they come on when it gets dark and stays on for a period of time...all without any effort from me. Unless you count the programming of the entire thing) Each star twinkles...I would love to have lights all over my house, but I am a little too scared to pop up on the roof myself (even though the gutters could use a good cleaning out) so...the doorway is all I get.

I love white lights...then again, I love colored ones as well. I love the old big colored lights from when I was a kid, and even though I like the new LED lights because they save money and electricity and they kind of glow...I really prefer the one's from my childhood. But, whatever lights I choose to have on the outside of the house, must match the one's on the inside. I am not a fan of colored lights outside if you have a white lit tree in the window. I know, picky...but, it's always bothered me.


Lois Grebowski said...

I *LOVE* lights... any way shape or form... I much prefer the C7s and C9s.

Oh and the bubble lights, too!

Mytutorlist.com said...

These tin star lights look cool. A very good find indeed. I should try the timer. That's a good idea!


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