26 March 2007

The Weekend...In 50 words or less...

...Yeah right.

We all know that's not going to happen. So, you'd better sit down and grab a cuppa...

I added a counter to the sidebar counting down to the exact second, the exciting and much anticipated Phoenix trip I will be embarking on with my dear friend Dina in April. We've been planning this trip since the beginning of the year, and are both just about giddy. We keep planning and replanning exactly what we're going to do, and I actually suggested making a list so we don't miss anything (yeah, like that will happen) This will also be when I get the oh so special giftie that I've promised myself. You see, my birthday also falls on the 16th of April, and although this giftie isn't quite for that, I will be sure to brag plenty...I am actually planning on a little party frock from Anthropologie for myself for said birthday (well...why not? I mean, maybe someone will throw me a party...maybe I will sit around in my dress sipping a drink by myself, whatever the case may be, I will be well dressed!)

And, after a relaxing Saturday, complete with home manicures (in which I used a mood nail polish that is like a mood ring, but really only changes to a different color when I take a bath, but no matter...it is super fun!) Dina and I were off to the last game of the season for the Sundogs...and what a fight...I mean, game it was! I've never seen so many fights. I swear every puck drop the players would be standing there waiting one minute and then the next there would suddenly be a bunch of equipment thrown on the ice and a ton of men punching each other.

Oh yes.
I loved it.

Violent to be sure, but in a fun primal way! Several players were eventually thrown out of the game (we did win 8 - 4) And between all that and a certain gentleman sitting at the end of our row, we were quite occupied for the entire game indeed (wink wink nudge nudge Deenie)

And what a lovely Sunday, starting off with a text message early in the am. from Dina that read:

"coffee's done, kids are asleep are you up?"

to which I replied:

"I can be, I'll be there in 3"

because in all reality, I jumped up...washed the face threw a change of day clothes in the bag, and jumped into the car...yes, in my pj's for a lovely morning and fun day...

Making a huge mess in her living room of papers, glitter, glue and magazines creating fun little boards to help us focus on what we really want in our lives. That way, we can hang them up all about and be reminded in pictures and words, because you know, every little bit helps doesn't it?


Oh indeed it does...focus focus focus...

This is a ghostly image of Little Miss Pink Tink, also known as Dina's neice, who is quite creative, and well spoken, and written, if I may add both of those, who were, as I left, last night, finishing up yet another board for Ms. Tink to take home with her....

I tell you, there's something super impressive about this younger generation...

And me, well...here are mine:

Three in all, and more to come probably...I mean, certainly!


Body Image...

...and Relationship

Won't a girl do anything to have an excuse to buy red glitter?

Oh yes indeed!


thatgirldina said...

What a great weekend! Thanks for spending it with me peaches! You're the best! xoxoxoxo.

I am a little sad though, that hockey season is coming to an end. I know we still have playoffs, but I'm warning you...I am going to be going through some serious withdrawl soon. I'm thinking we might have to take a class of some sort to get me through the summer. Any ideas?


Little Miss Pink Tink said...

Well, my cat tends to do that alot also. He wakes up in the middle of the night, meowing to be brought in. It's gotten very annoying. He just sits there * meow, meow, meow, meow, meow *. Good news! I'm coming back this weekend. I don't know why, but for one reason or another, my mom wants us to come back this weekend. So if you're at Dina's one of those nights, er, days, ( who cares? ) whatever, maybe I'll see you there, and I can watch movies with you guys or something. But sure if you want a night alone with Dina, I understand.

Thanks for all the comments,
Little Miss Pink Tink

P.S. Write back soon please!

Wende said...

Your weekend sounds like a lot of fun... if busy! IZ keeps a folder like your inspiration boards. They work!

The anthropologie dress is amazing. How sad is it, that I didn't have to read but just look at that dress to know what it was? heh. I don't have mad skills to sew like that, I might just have to learn! I'm thinking a summer dress is in order. Not like it ever gets to be summer here. :D

sulu-design said...

I've gotten a little behind on my blog reading (I WISH I had a little behind on my backside... but I digress). I'm so happy to see that you're going to treat yourself so such a lovely dress for your birthday!


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