05 March 2007

The First Weekend...

...that I had off. Yes, the entire weekend, and you know what? It's not so shabby, in fact, I enjoyed it quite a bit!

The party was lovely, all sorts of fun people showed up, and we enjoyed ourselves quite a bit. I think it accomplished it's goal of giving us all a bit of fun diversion from the rest of life. I did lie a bit though, because I certainly did get the camera out...layed it right on the coffee table...took this one lovely picture of the clean living room (and a little bit of the bedroom) waiting for all the guests to show up. Dina even brought her camera, discovered her battery was low, and stated that she would indeed be using my camera to take pictures.

An there the camera sat, all night long.

Not being used.

So, here is the one lovely picture
(I'm rolling my eyes)

I had a busy rest of the weekend, running here and there...escaping to and hiking in the woods, with the culmination of a lovely pedicure yesterday afternoon with Ms. Dina. My tootsies are sooo soft. Amazingly soft...trimmed and clean too (OK, my toes weren't that dirty to begin with, but still) I am thinking that I really need to buff those feet at least once a month...

Now, I'm off to tackle my "work-week" with the rest of the population.

And a huge



Vanessa said...

Hi!!!!!! Oh look at that lovely home you have!!!! I can't wait to visit!!!! Wonderful!!!No more pics?? I just totally know that.. planning to take them, and then befor eyouknow it the night is over!!! I want a pedicure! Maybe today???? xoxo, Vanessa

capello said...


sulu-design said...

The house always look better before the guest, arrive, no? It looks beautiful, and I'm sure you had a great time if everyone was so busy having fun that they forgot to take photos! Now, welcome back to the work week!

velvet brick said...

Oh my dear! Simply charming and so inviting? Truly, how beautiful your home is!! Are those lights strung above the bed frame?? Oh my... the ruby glass candlelier outside, the lights above the bed, the oh, so CUTE mantel and fireplace, the cushy sofa... would this not be a wonderful evening?? Thank you for sharing a bit of your party with us... now to go wipe up my drool!! : )

thatgirldina said...

Good night peaches! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and lovely gifts...and also for allowing me to share in your very first weekend off. I'm truly blessed to have such a wonderful friend.

I'm taking my Yaris to bed now. Yawn!
-Fakey McFakerson


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