21 March 2007

Oh Yes...

Yet another hockey game up here in the Northland. This time attending with Ms. Dina, was myself a pre-teen niece of hers and 2 smaller children...who all behaved well enough, even though we left early because we didn't want to push it. On the way home we had to stop for a quick potty break because immediately when we got into the car, it was discovered that 2 of the smaller passengers needed to go..."really bad!"

I believe we won the game, which made Dina turn on the new Gwen Stefani CD to the song "Wind it up" (you know, I must confess here that it doesn't take much these days to convince her to put that song on at all) and inspired us to car dance in the front seat...and made one of the little one's to pull the other one's hair (I'm sure on pure accident and in the throes of total excitement)

The music is turned down:

"...he pulled my bun, and it hurt my head"

"say you're sorry please..."

"I'm sorry."

"Are you OK now?"


"Are you ready to get your groove on again?"

(and this is rather shaky) "...yes."

"That's my girl!"

And, then right back to car dancing...because no one can stop the girl once she gets her groove on, right?

At this moment, I would like to send the wish out to the universe that these kids remember us as not the crazy "old" girls who danced way beyond our times,

but as the cool, hep, graceful, spontaneous, ageless, fun and kicky women we've truly become...


capello said...

okay, now that song is streaming through my mind. i LOVE that song.

that and sweet escape. even akon going weeewhooo yyyiiiieeewhooo doesn't bother me.

thatgirldina said...

Who are you calling a crazy old girl who danced beyond her time?!? Certainly not US, I hope! heehee!

Thanks for making me feel like a giggly teenager again. I'm suddenly feeling a bit more "kicky" today.

Big kisses,

KSV said...

I believe they will grow up to be kids that love to dance in the car and as teenagers will do the same only to less groovy music! Those green bagels are pretty icky, but I thought they were hilarious!

Kathy said...

Who are you calling old? I think all of us car dancing mommies would like to think of ourselves as fun. I'm sure your kids will think that too!! :D

Wende said...

I can just see this!

And "ageless" sounds about right! :D

velvet brick said...

I've been remiss in my replying... getting into the swing of things again after spring break takes a few days... but must comment on how lovely your skirt is!!! Simply too dang cute! Love your style, Miss S!! Is that what you shall be wearing as we partake of refreshments on the patio at Nando's?? : )

Vanessa said...

Hee hee.. I don't think they will relaize that until they become cool, hep, graceful, spontaneous, ageless, fun and kicky !!! Ha ha ha... I know.. i feel the same way with the munchkins I cart around sometimes...But, I really think they just think I am Miss Dinsmoor...XXO,Vanessa


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