07 March 2007

Built By...


Well...and the Wendy pattern from Sew U. Today, at the shop, I decided to load up the sewing machine, iron and sewing supplies and haul them down there to make myself a skirt...since I seem to not have any time when I'm home. OK, mostly because I've been so busy lately, and the shop has been well...um, a little s l o w.

So? Why not?

It turned out OK. It was supposed to be an A-line skirt, and I don't think it was quite A enough...and I used the large pattern (thank goodness) and it could have been about and inch bigger. Plus, I had to kind of fudge it a bit because of the lemon pattern, that and I didn't want to put a zipper in the back because I would have had to cut up the back, and I could not figure out how exactly to match the back pieces without losing my mind. So, once again, I will probably be finishing the skirt by safety pinning the side slit together. The darts turned out nice, but I swear that the directions for the waistband were in some other language and it turned out rather off.


I will gladly take a picture and post it tomorrow for you, because I dashed home to take a lovely walk after work, and it's been a little overcast anyway, and there is absolutely no good light left.

Enjoy the suspense...

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