29 March 2007


Ahhhh...the joys of therapy!

In which I opened an interesting door yesterday (which is a nice way of saying that my eyes have been leaking water on their own accord since I got home yesterday evening) Luckily, it being allergy season and all up here, not many people are noticing the swollen eyes and extraordinary amount of sniffing (the stomping of feet...sometimes accompanied by loud sounds of sobbing are freaking some people out though) (ok...I am managing to hold it together at the shop, or at least being quieter, but really, having something to focus on does help quell the tears...and as the afternoon has passed, I have been feeling a little more stable) although, I am happy too, because this is why I gifted myself with therapy in the first place...to find all these areas I need to heal, so that they don't run my life. Nothing like your past rearing it's ugly head and your wounded inner child running the show is there?

(it's amazing what's buried in there isn't it?)


Kathy said...

I've never had therapy, but I know a good cry always seems to help me. I guess this is the one time to be thankful for allergies, eh? :D Hope you have a good Friday.

sulu-design said...

Keep on diggin'! It seems like a lot of "crud" is coming up, and you'll be all the better for it.

capello said...

hey. my inner child loves to run the show and she says BACK OFF LADY.

ahem. she's a bit hard to quiet down.

Vanessa said...

Ahhh, yes. A cry is good! Very good, even lots of crying! I love purging, I think it is great. Just, don't tell Vanessa, the 9 year old from a 1700's palace, that she can't come out to play and take over, and pull an inner child psycho fest. She would get out of control. Oh, I thin I have a spilt personality inner child...WOW. Yes!!!! keep feeling my darling!!xxo,Vanessa


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