12 March 2007


Is an incredibe thing.

The amount of things I actually accomplished this weekend amazed even me. I honestly didn't start out to do much...but, much I did do.

It started rather innocently after yard sale-ing on Saturday with the idea of raking the yard. I haven't been that motivated to do this...for quite some time I realized, as I started in (trying to find the soil under the leaves and pine needles)

My front yard has the most amazing flowerbeds all over, and there were quite a few...um, rather dead and dried up flowers from last year...well, one thing led to another, and I decided to start on the side parts of the yard as well. My little bit of heaven here has a lot of nice trees and plants...and I guess I did not rake last year's pine needles? So...in the spirit of creating my defensible space (for fire season) rake I did.

For Four hours
with nary a break...

...and I still have quite a bit to do. I stopped after 6 large yard bags and my garbage can full...And yes, those piles you see are still there waiting for me to bag them up...as well as 3 more you can't see, and I only did one half of one of the side yards and the entire front.

So, I was a bit sore and tired, but enjoyed myself quite a bit, as I was outside in the beautiful spring weather...uncovering little new plants and flowers, making me quite excited about the upcoming season of planting.

As you can see, I have these wonderful bushes that bloom the most beautiful yellow flowers. They are kind of native to this part of town, they don't smell...but they are lovely! I also am anticipating my yellow Victorian roses, which grow under the pine trees, and I believe were probably taken from cuttings from another part of town...not to mention all the bulbs that pop up, most of which I did not plant. I was at one time really into gardening and planting...but when I moved to this house, I was married still and trying to hold that all together, and just let that part of my life slide quite a bit.

And now, just the thought of doing something about this now is making me quite happy. It takes a lot of time and money though...and I'm not sure if my budget will support it this year, but maybe that will be good, so I can really plan it out rather than doing sporadic planting. With the drought we are experiencing, this needs to be planned out more than I'm used to.

I also unpacked my Easter things and re-did the mantle...although I'm not too happy with the composition...but it will do for now.

I made this little spring time banner for the front of it as well...a little more pastel-ish than the one I made last year for parties, and just perfect for this mantle project. I happened to save some fabric squares from a pile of sample books I bought at last summers sales (for .25 cents...and why I didn't buy all of them? who knows...I think we always get cheap at the wrong times) and sewed the little triangles onto some lavender rick-rack.

I also decided to make this little springtime flag for the outside of the house as well. I love the colors...and especially love that you can certainly see why I'm trying to save money to paint the house this summer as well. Yes...that's quite a bit of peeling paint there in the background.

I also enjoyed no less than 2 afternoon/evening meals outside on the patio...loving every minute of the changing weather (but still a little nervous that we're going to set records for heat tomorrow)

I bought a pile of fabric (which we will not be discussing the monetary value of...just to say that I am now drooling quite a bit, but I will show you that later) and whipped up a dress for Dina on Sunday as well (maybe in celebration of her posting again?!) And got to play quite a bit as well...

Like I said, it was productive. More productive than I've been in quite a while as a matter of fact.

I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend...


thatgirldina said...

You DO need a weekend to recover from your weekend! Holy carp girl! You've been one busy bee. Our April girlie weekend is going to be a much deserved break! Now if we could just find someone else to foot the bill....

The yard looks amazing! I cannot wait to see it in full bloom. I'm anticipating many a BBQ and quite a few cocktails on your patio this spring. :)

Thank you for the overly kind comment on my blog this morning. You really know how to make me smile Miss Sadira.


velvet brick said...

don't you just love it when you set out with one goal in mind and you blow through it and acheive 10 more? that's how my weenend... and YES! you DO need a weekend to recover! your home looks simply adorable..inside and out! congrats on a job well done...and do enjoy all that beautiful nature surrounding you! : )

velvet brick said...

ok..so I can't type

that's how my weekend was too

is what that mess of a sentence is suppose to say! geesh!

capello said...

oh yeah, i was so s o r e after the yard work this weekend. so what did i do today?

i washed all the patio furniture, deadhead the rose bushes in the front yard and pulled out all the dead plants.

sulu-design said...

Your weekend sounds great - so much of it spent outside! I'm glad to see that you've got the mantle in Easter order - I can always count on you to get me in the right mood for the holidays.

Vanessa said...

Oh!! it sounds just wonderful! I can not wait to visit!!!! And the banner! I was thinking last week that I need like 4 of those for my show on march 31st.. That would be wonderful.. I am going to make some.. for sure now........What a gorgeous garden you have.. how precious.. and dining outside is the best!!!!! Lucky!!!

KSV said...

Dang girl! You were cleaning crazy. You need two weekends to recover from your weekend: two days to recover from being sore, and the other 2 to relax. Looks good. I like your mantle, the little triangle banner is super lovely, I was thinking of making one of those for my bedroom!


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