28 March 2007

Tuesday Love...

Hello beautiful Tuesday (ok, it was yesterday, but I don't remember greeting it like that when I rolled out of bed...if I remember correctly, I was medidtating in bed for an hour before I was able to set foot into my own life...but how did I know how it was going to turn out?)

*An amazing load (and I mean LOAD) of clothes in the shop...making me wish I was indeed a small, but perhaps it's better that I'm not, because everything would've ended up in the house, and then what ever would I find to buy during the Phoenix trip?

*The package arrived from Mother Henna, including all these lovely little postcards with the most wonderful henna inspired designs...a huge thank you for that indeed!

*And completely on accident did I stumble upon my favorite song (right now...as I got into a discussion with someone and he remarked, you can't keep changing your favorite song...Oh yeah?) Please click on the link above and listen to it...I'm not totally pleased by the video, as I thought it was more of an oesoteric love song...oh well...here are the words too, if you want to sing along....I have been searching for these words for quite a while now...

what are you thinking of
what are you doing
what do you think you can do
what you are
what you do
looking out at
ripples on the dance floor
what do you mean
is what you get
did you forget to know
what the end is
to begin
looking out
at ripples on the dance floor

dream machine
did you get
everything you asked for
dream machine
a charm on the dance floor

love's rage
broken page
electric lights
and glass bone nights
electric lines run
through your minds
distractions with radio contraptions
night glasses
pipe ashes
tick tock
hear the wind lick
the window
you're invited
grow wings
sprouting from the backbone

dream machine
mister jones
you don't know what you came for
dream machine
a charm on the dance floor

we are like those two
steaming in the rain
we are those two
holding each other's hands
with me
a charm on the dance floor

Happy Wednesday love to you all...


Wende said...

Wow, you make having too many clothes a BAD thing! I think I might be seriously depressed in your line of work--because I'm not small either.

Cool song... I'm with you about the video. I just minimized the screen and left the audio playing. :D

Happy Wednesday to you. I see sunlight, which means of course I'm going to go clean. Ha! And maybe sew.

Kathy said...

So digging that song! I'd never heard it before but I liked it. Thanks for sharing!

Vanessa said...

My Favorite song!! Yipeee!!!"On the dance florr, the dance floor, the dance floor... Dddrrreeeeaaammmm machine, did you get everything you asked for!!! LOVE IT! Miss you! Sooooo busy! Thank you! I adore Stephan!!! xxo,Vanessa... Love your henna treasures!!!

KSV said...

I want to see your shop!! I can't wait for this weekend to pass, maybe then can my seester and I finally head up there and see you and your shop and have a grandtastic time!! Lovely postcards. I love postcards, sometimes I hate to mail them bc they have such greta images on them!

sulu-design said...

I wish I woke up and greeted the day with a "Hello, Beautiful!" After a shower and a cup of coffee, maybe...


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