14 March 2007

Crash and Burn...

Oh my...I'm warning you now...if you do not want to hear me vent, continue on to some other sweet blog, and run far away. Feeling brave?

Then read on...
(you've been warned)

What a day yesterday.

It started well enough, with a lovely visit to the aforementioned therapist, where she confirmed some information sweet Dina and I were working on the other night, that I am indeed moving through change fast (I was under the impression I've been going so s l o w l y)and quite a lot of other wonderful things, wich lulled me into thinking this was going to be a easy day...then off to the bank to make a deposit (which I conveniently forgot I'd done the night before so as not to be late to work, grrr...clue #1 that things may not go smoothly from here on) and then to the shop, where there was actually a line of people waiting for me to open (always makes one feel important)

Then non-stop all day...from random customers coming in, buying/trading/selling and several phone calls from friends and family members...to a couple of old friends I haven't had the chance to connect with for some time in the flesh. It made for a lovely long day...I didn't get out of the shop until an hour after I closed. Yup...I was quite on my way when I was running through the shop to turn out lights so I would not be late to pick up Dina for our little Wednesday night date of chicken wings and hockey...when I went into the clearance room in the back and stumbled into a large pile of clothing. Oh yes...I picked up about 40 items someone so nicely tried on then wadded up and threw on the floor back there (I roll my eyes to keep myself from crying) And then remembered at some time, it was the middle of the month...and the day that I close out all the books, which I now realize will indeed make me need to get up and go to work extra early...sigh

It's that time of year in the shop when the weather changes and everyone is dying for new clothes to fit the current season, and I have not only completely run out of room, but out of hangers as well...I'm buying and pricing and rearranging constantly...I've put out about 400 pieces of clothing in the last two days, and I'm beat.

Dina and I went to wings after a quick run home to feed the cat, and freshen up a tiny bit, where she discovered she'd accidentally left the tickets at home...I ask you, what good is it to have two intuitive girls that are not tapped in? (we were both entirely spaced out at this time of the day) and ran back into town to pick up the tickets then back out to the game. And actually...the team won scoring 5 goals...all in the last bit of the game, so we really didn't miss out on anything. I was so out of it and in pain and nauseous (oh yes...I was horrible company) that I only actually saw them score one goal...

Yes, on top of this day, I'm having some rather uncomfortable heath related issues. I'm not happy. In fact, I feel rather like my body is totally rebelling against me, and I may need to curl up and cry about it a bit. I'm chalking this up to my late nights, and overproductivity lately, plus, my allergies are rearing up a little bit, which makes me feel itchy and sneezy and really tired (even though they are much better since my divorce) Luckily I have Ms. Dina to help out with this or I would be entirely alone. Then, Ms. Tooty kitty jumped up on the bedside table, only to send all the jewelry sprawling all over, and turned around to open the armoire doors and spill all the pants out onto the floor...I'm tired.

Do you ever just wish you had someone to take care of you?

I do.


sulu-design said...

Oh, man! What a bummer of a day. I wish we all could be there to take care of you... just make sure you're taking care of yourself. I think you need to write a "to-do" list for yourself with sleep at the top (and occupying a few slots below) and some serious relaxation in there, too! Be well!

Wende said...

What a terrible day! It's so hard to do the "self-care" required when you're being slammed by life from all directions. Breathe. And not that funky breathing you see pregnant women do in the movies. :D Deep, deep breath.

I do hope your days get better. Spring is almost here!

Mentions of new clothes and your shop means I will have to go trolling tomorrow in your archives to find out what all that means. :D

And can I tell you it what a secret little glee I'm having that you like Hockey? Ok, perhaps not so secret now that I've blabbed to the internet. ;)

Hang in there!!


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