24 October 2006

What's Your Rating?

I've been watching movies seemingly non-stop during my weekend. It all started Saturday night with My Pal Amy and Prairie Home Companion (Garrison Keillor...yay/ending...boo) Curious George on Sunday with the group (yay all around, although it was a little touch and go towards the end...a lot of animated tension) and yesterday...Friends With Money (a little slice of life,ending...boo) The Break-up (funny, true to life, ending...boo) and Garfield, A Tale of 2 Kitties (good, like the original...and, Rozzie wanted to see it) All in all, looking at patterns, because, let's face it...that's what I do (incessantly much to my utter exhaustion) not many satisfying endings this weekend...a reflection of my life? Perhaps.

Then, during the rating screen of one of these fine movies up popped:

R- Bad Language, Some Sexual Content and Brief Drug Use.

Hmmm...sounds like my life. Of course, it's been a little PG lately, perhaps PG-13 as there is bad language, but quite a bit of comedy, or is it drama? Well, whatever has been happening, both have been making me cry...and the ending is a little cloudy as well...much like my recent movie watching experiences. What's your rating?

And, on another note...here's the water during the second soak of the ticking, and the third soak is still an interesting color (nicely putting it) it's like a Tootsie Pop ad.

How many soaks will it take to get the water clean?

1 comment:

thatgirldina said...

Oh dear! Look at that water! As Niko would say..."Ewwwwww... that's isgusting!". But, I must admit, I am fascinated and cannot stop staring. Kinda like a Biore strip.

You made me giggle with your movie/life comparison rating. We need to hang out more often since lately I've been feeling a bit too Rated "G"...safe for all audiences.

I'm not sure what the plan is for tomorrow, since our movie isn't playing...not here...or anywhere for that matter. I'm also pretty broke. Darn it. We are still on For Friday though right?


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