30 October 2006

Sunday October 29th...


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Well, can you say Full House? My goodness...we were certainly having a wonderful Creative Sunday! This week, we were joined by Alberta (her first time) and by Megan...Per. first time Creative Sunday, Alberta came and joined in on all the good conversation...and fabulous food eating, with a promise to create next time (sometimes, you just have to ease into these things) We ate yummy guacamole chips, and veggies...a salad with seed cheese (courtesy of the raw food eater, my mother) and greens and cornbread (courtesy of Megan...who made the cornbread perfectly...without sugar...and the greens were delicious too!)

I started my Creative Sunday by waking up late (9:00 thank you!) which I hardly ever do...and running around like a banshee getting the house ready for everyone. I made 2 loaves of banana bread to eat with soy whipped cream and raspberries, and a batch of pumpkin muffins.

I also cut and hung all the little tassel trim on my curtains. I originally wanted to use dark brown tassels but kind of backed off at the $7.99/yard price tag at the fabric store. The next weekend, I found a large quantity of this tassel trim in a green color that actually matches for only $3 for the entire roll (I did all the curtain tops and have quite a bit left over...pillow trim perhaps?) I just ran it along the top and used the curtain clips to hold it in place. I like the way it drapes loosely with the curtains (I'm also not wanting to take the curtains down again and sew these on)

Megan brought some mending with her...I helped sew up some seams on a wonderful vintage dress and bolero jacket that I was coveting, so that she can wear them again...and we decided to do some freezer paper stenciling on tote bags! This was her first time, and she's been following along in the blog, and has been fascinated with the process.

Megan is taking a print making class at the college, and we got to talking about that process as well...and carrying that onto bags and t-shirts. Megan's bag is the bag on the left...the one I made is on the right...and will be for sale in the shop sometime this week. I am down to only 1 bag like that in the shop.

Rozzilyn set up the Polly's and played quite a bit...this is Pollyland...Pollywood...a herd of Polly's. I'm not sure what you call them....but there were a lot!

And...Mama worked on Rozzie's Halloween costume! Rozzilyn is going to be Olive Oyle this year, and can you believe that we've waited this long? Usually we go all out and try to all dress up together as a theme. I don't even have a costume, and may just wear one of my velvet cloaks to go with Rozzie trick-or-treating tomorrow night.

From what I've been hearing from all of my friends, there's a lot of us doing this, and feeling a little un-Halloween-ie. I mean, I know that my house is decorated, but I just picked up my pumpkin on Saturday night...from the Health food store. No pumpkin patches here. This is the last year for Young's Farm and Colliers Family Farm is no longer doing it. I am so sad that we don't have this option anymore. I mean, we have such a fertile valley in Chino, and as far as I know, no one is doing pumpkins anymore...Phoenix, the hottest place on earth has pumpkin farms. Going to a farm to choose our own pumpkins has become a part of our lives for many many years now. Perhaps someone up here will decide to do this for next year...If not, I guess it's the Health food store again. I guess it's progress that is making the land worth more as a neighborhood development rather than a small town farm. At least I did get my pumpkin so I can enjoy the seeds...I'll be back tomorrow with a new custom and some pictures of our trick-or-treating!

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sulu-design said...

What a creative, fun Sunday! Your freezer paper stencil bag is cute - I like the color combo. Hopefully the Halloween bug will bite you before tomorrow. I'm in the same boat, though - it's four hours away and I haven't got a costume, either. Ugh!


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