12 October 2006

Corners of my home

How I love Halloween...Samhain...The Pagan New Year...And since "building" my own little mantle, the one feature this house actually doesn't have that I've always wanted...it is so much fun to decorate it for whatever season we may be enjoying. Now, I can just glance at the mantle and remember exactly where abouts in the year I am. Although, the heat coming on all on it's own this morning was a good tip off...it's 42 degrees here right now folks! I really enjoy my Halloween decorations because they are reminiscent of all the vintage ones my mother collected when I was younger. I don't think I have any vintage Halloween decorations, although my wonderful father does send postcards this time of year...and he loaded me up with all sorts of yummy vintage Easter decorations, but I'm thinking that Halloween may be a little rarer? (either that, or he keeps it all for himself...wink, wink) Anywho...there are companies that are now reproducing these types of things...so I feel quite lucky. I have 6 tiny glittery candy containers that I got at ZGallery (after coveting them forever, but not prepared to pay the prices for all, and not being able to narrow my choice down to only the ones I could afford...and I walked in during the middle of the summer, and lo and behold, they cleaned out their storage and found these and made them all half off...so I bought them all...yippee!) And the short pumpkin nodder I found at Target, during one of their Halloween vintage inspired seasons...the little orange wooden thing with a pumpkin face is a handle to a vintage jump rope...OK, I have one vintage Halloween thing...And finally, the tall dapper guy in the back. I've always wanted one of her paper mache people...and I found him in town 75% off...swoon! Actually, I've always wanted to make one of these paper mache beauties, don't worry, it's on my list!

I love this time of year, for all the obvious fall seasonal color things, and I purposely step into all the gutters around town so I can crunch in the big piles of leaves...not as dangerous as one would think considering this is still a bit of a small town. I love the fall because I know winter is coming and I could use the rest! I love the fall because I know it's not going to be as hot...and yes, I am actually considering moving somewhere where the weather is much colder year around, and there may be the actuality of getting snowed in during the winter. Spoken like a true romatic don't you think?


thatgirldina said...

Good morning Sunshine!

What a great post. I adore all your little Halloween goodies, and to tell you the truth, was sure that most of them in fact, WERE vintage. Either way, they are super cute. You have such a great knack for displaying "things". Wanna come help me with mine?! haha!

I cannot and will not listen to any talk of you moving. I refuse to believe it. That's all I'm going to say about that. So there. Ptthhhhaaat. (that was a raspberry)

I'm sad to say I'm still feeling under the weather and I don't think I will be able to make our scheduled outing. It truly does break my heart because not only do I look forward to my "mommy" free time on Thursdays, but I also look forward to hanging out with you Miss Sadira. Please forgive me. I do think it's best that I just nuggle up on the sofa and take it easy. This awful smoke in the air really isn't helping matters either. YUCK! Oh, but I DO have a Saturday night invite for you, if I can manage to get over my blechies before then.

Happy Day!

sulu-design said...

What a serious decorator you are! Is every holiday greeted with such fanfare? How fun!


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