20 October 2006

What'd You Got?

OK, here I am not planning on writing a long entry today (yeah, right) a real quick easy in and out kind of Friday thing...Behold when I got home yesterday, I found a long package from my father...more on that later...

First off, this adorable kitty and mouse apron found at a thrift! Good heavens, one of these days I'm just going to faint, and someone is going to step over my prone body, and pull whatever it was I found out of my hands and buy it.

This sweetie thing looks to me like a linen towel sewn onto a black apron (with rick-rack...quite a rick-rack week don't you think?) The person who made this sewed the top and bottom of the towel and most of the sides, but left 2 small openings at the top so the kitty, and mousie (one the left corner) are a pocket! Perfect for my cooking utensils?


And from the world's greatest gift giver:
My father...a few words about the man first.

He loves to send fun stuff in the mail, and give in person, and always gives the most unusual gifts! I am actually quite lucky because both of my parents are natural generous people, who shop exclusively on the second hand market. What this affords them is the best and I mean, the best stuff...Wich results in a very lucky us!!

My father sent a lovely Keith Herring card and 3 Paul Frank buttons...my father and I share an almost unnatural love for anything Paul Frank, and have been known to both giggle and shout and point out things in the most loud ways at a little shop down in Seal Beach CA (and you should've seen us in the flagship store at South Coast Plaza...the t-shirts, the furniture, the accessories!) The Seal Beach store is where my father buys most of my Paul Frank goodies...yummm! And that is the greatest red crepe paper VINTAGE HALLOWEEN GOODY BAG !?! With a little devil on it?...Good God...have I mentioned that he's extremely intuitive? That was hard when I was little, because we would try to surprise him, but he usually guessed what was in packages...but it's wonderful when it comes to getting presents from the man...I was just remarking the other day to my mother that I should call him and tell him to pick up and send any vintage Halloween ephemera that he can find. It's getting harder and harder to find the old stuff...and I just drool when I look at the reproductions online. Since he lives in California-Mecca-Land...I would suppose he comes across the stuff more often than we might here.

And, out of the long square tube of a box slid this amazing black Halloween feather tree!

I love it !
I love it !
I love it !

Look at the goose feather blackness of the tree needles...and the wonderful orange wooden balls at the end of all the branches...The neat orange wood base...drool. It's OK, I can drool on it, I own it. Now what does one hang on a Halloween tree? I suppose I could mosey on downtown to the little general store and buy the sock monkey ornaments. But, most likely, I will dig out all the Harry Potter ornaments I have instead...or work on a little felt idea that I've had dancing around in my head for some time now!

Thank you dad...soooo much! It's just the pick-me-up I needed this week. I am feeling much better...as this divorce/healing process has often gone...up, down, and up again! Have a great weekend everyone!


thatgirldina said...

I do love my own family...I really do, but can I be adopted into yours? Please?

My first thought as your page loaded and I saw that wonderful apron..."SCOOORRREEE!!!" Okay, maybe I did watch too much hockey last night, but still...

Happy Friday Sadie!

sulu-design said...

Great apron, and an AMAZING tree. What a find, and what a gift!

Jolene George said...

You had some great finds! That apron is so cute!


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