09 October 2006

Sunday October 8th...


  • Rozzilyn
  • Susan
  • Sadira

A bit of a slow start today, but we did accomplish most everything. Rozzilyn's origional project idea was to create a bulletin board for her room. With all of her drawing and creating, she needs a special space for all of her pieces of paper for sure. So, we bought the board, and left it at their house (rats) But, that was just the perfect opportunity for her to help me bake some pumpkin muffins...She's a perfect helper, measuring and mixing...breaking eggs all over her hands...truly a lot of fun.

I love to use my vintage colorful mixing bowls for any project. My father has gotten me most of them, and I just adore them to no end. I wish I had more. I really love mixing bowls, I think that dates back to my mother. When she let me help her cook, she always had the most wonderful big vintage bowls to use. Mostly ceramic, and we used them all the time, no matter how much they were "worth" they were really priceless because we had so many good memories...Now I get to create more good memories with Rozzilyn...

Plus, you know what she said? "Aunt Sadie, you're a really good cook" Who can resist that? Living alone, I don't cook as much for me as I did when I was married, and I really miss it. I have noticed this fall that I have made pies and muffins, so I actually feel really good about that! Plus, I think with Rozzie's help, that this is the best batch of muffins I've ever made...

As you can see, I am wearing my new birdie apron, and is that the tallest 9 year-old girl ever? I mean, I'm not that tall (5'4") this girl is going to be super tall! (lucky)

Mama's project...baby socks! (or rather...almost life-sized Barbie socks, for Rozzie's doll) Can you believe it? She finished this one some time ago, but it needed it's little toe stitched up, which was completed today...and she started on her next one! It is quite adorable, and now that she's done it...she can teach me! This picture is just for Kate to show her that it certainly can be done by someone in my family...with more practice, maybe we'll get as good as her.

And my projects...baking the yummy muffins with Rozz...

Putting a waistband on this perfectly wonderful Halloween-like vintage skirt. Can you believe that it's been sitting around for it's whole little skirt life just waiting for a waistband? Talk about procrastination! I think it was just the wee bit happy that I did this, and well, so am I, because now I can wear it.

I also finished my Halloween banner. I was thinking of a totally different idea, however, my mother and I were at JoAnn's this weekend (for knitting needles only...HA!) and found this wonderful vintage looking witch and moon fabric for only 99 cents a yard, so I changed my plans.

I sewed little triangles of the material to black felt and then sewed them to some black and white binding. This binding is so thin and hard to work with, about half way through this project, I was wondering what exactly I was punishing myself for? It caught and then didn't, so some of it is sewn on really well, and the other parts...well, let's just say that I'm holding my breath! I was thinking how fun it would be to make more of these little banners, but I'm not so sure now...

We all went for a lovely afternoon walk in the perfect fall weather with a hot, right out of the oven muffin. (Yes, we risked burning ourselves!) I'ts a bit like the Beverly Hillbillies around here, as I had to lend my mom my socks because she was getting a blister. Nice, just to sit down in one of the nicer neighboorhoods in town and share socks. Of course, someone we knew drove by...perfect.

I'm of to eat muffins, drink coffee...and read Amy Butler's In Stitches book, there's already a few projects that I'm drooling over. I'm sitting here listening to the gutter guys climb around on the roof replacing the old leaky gutters! (finally)


thatgirldina said...

Must. resist. muffins. Can you tell I'm doing shakes today? I'm starving! Oh, they sounds SOOO yummy!

I cannot get over how big Rozz is!! My Lord! She's going to outgrow you by next spring at the rate she's going.

Thanks again for all the blog help! I'm having so much fun with it! I may be calling you later however when I need to figure out how to post photos.

sulu-design said...

Wow - I'm just catching up with your blog after three days of being out of town. You have been BUSY! The skirt waistband, the belt, the decorating... I'm seriously impressed. It sounds like a great weekend.

Jolene George said...

You are the bussiest person I know...seriously! and you two look so cute!

Kate said...

Hooray, a sock!


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