25 October 2006

Vintage Thrifty...

I was at the thrift on Monday, my normal thrifting day for the thrift that is on the other side of town (because with the gas prices being what they are...I try to only drive twice a week, and walk all the rest of the time...so the far away errands are sometimes all lumped together) and spied this lovely vintage dress. I am enjoying the striped fabric and all the floral goodness. And, the best part is:

It's new, brand new...new to me, and new with tags! It's Styled by Miss Smith The American Look, and was $6.98 new (less than the $7.99 I paid...this thrift is a rip-off) And is made with A Fabric You Can Lean On By Kopman...This consists of 65% "Dacron"Polyester/35% Combed Cotton and is a Du Pont fabric. I know what you're thinking...all of my problems are solved!

Now, I can wash by hand or machine...when washing, use warm (not hot) water and tumble dry at low or medium heat. If necessary to press (with that fabric content?!?) use warm (not hot) iron. Tee-Hee...I just giggled to myself when I read this and wondered if the reason this wasn't worn is because we're in Arizona, and it's darned hot here...I mean, I'm a little worried about the Du Pont-ness and the heat issues...perhaps it's safer for me to only use this as a winter dress? I think that with the Poly blend, perhaps it will keep me warmer this winter...and, as long as I don't stand too close to any heating elements, I should be safe right?


thatgirldina said...

Cute, cute, cute! And my, what a slim figure you are spoting these days Miss Sadira! You're such a hottie! But you already know that! ;)

Jolene George said...

Cute dress...and you crack me up!


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