13 October 2006

Living Room Redux...

This is the big secret project I've been working on all week...one wall at a time! And the fact that I can keep a secret of this magnitude is something!

I painted the walls of this space right when I moved in...about 4-5 years ago. I painted them green. I don't like green. Not at all. Then later, I was helping My Pal Amy choose colors for her first home...I found a lovely green in Restoration Hardware.

The green was both lovely in the store and Amy's, but apparently...I don't like green in my living room. I painted about a quarter of the living room Amy's green...and hated it. So, it's been sitting 2-tones of green both of which I do not like, for quite some time now (really...a couple of years at least)

So, I'd had it...not one more winter of being stuck in my house looking at this giant mistake...I've been thinking about painting the new color scheme for quite some time now...and I finally had both the energy and the boldness to get the job done...one. wall. at. a. time. Moving the furniture as I go. I took some of these pictures after I'd moved the wall with the mantle on it...I'm not quite that messy!

Drum roll please...


Tada...my front door area...with the door in the middle there...where I take most of my pictures of myself in skirts...a lovely creamy color, which goes nice with the white trim. I decided I wanted to do something that matched the white trim, because the thought of carefully edging all the windows and doors and all their frames, made me a little crazy.

The door opposite the front door, and what one usually sees when you walk in to my home for the first time. The start of the only wall in the house that is a deep yummy chocolate brown!

Besides my bedroom in the background through said door, are those adorable mirrors, and a lovely Victorian doll house, a gift from my parents many years ago (I used to play with it quite often as I recall)

This is looking towards the right of that door...at the opposite end of the room...Where my extra chair and entertainment armoire are housed. You can see my guilty little secret if you look hard enough over the armoire though. I couldn't move that thing to save my life...so, I need to climb up on top of it soon and finish that one little corner up there!

This is the wall that goes in the middle of both of those last pictures...with the kitchen in the background...and all the mantle...and my newly moved Wagner opera plates that hang next to my oil color that my grandmother gave me, of what I like to think is Italy! This is across from the giant picture window...

This is the area opposite of the window and armoire above...directly next to the mantle...and house the sort of entry way...front door to the left, bedroom and mantle to the right.

My expansive picture widow...with the iron wheel decor (what I like to think of as the Zeena boob covers) now above the window, as they melted colorwise into the space above the mantle...too dark for them now up there! And, my 6 board ginormous blanket chest...aka the big blue thing in front of the window. Yes, that is made from large, now extinct trees...each board makes one side...huge, my feet don't touch the floor if I sit on it in fact.

And finally...that 2 tone corner...with 2 tones that I can actually live with. I love the way this turned out very much! I think it is sophisticated and clean. The colors go very well with what I have already, and the chocolate wall is long and tall now, and makes the whole room look larger. I always joke that every room in this house is long the wrong way...all rectangular...but this enhances it somehow. Kind of makes me want to put up crown moulding too...but that's another project for another time!

PS...Yes, some dolt put an electrical outlet in the middle of the wall...that is my original deco looking heater controller...and those are in fact, in the upper left corner, red tassels that hang from my ceiling fan!

Have an amazing weekend!
(I'm going out with Dina if she feels better on Sat.)


thatgirldina said...

Holy remodeling Batgirl! Boy do I ever feel like a lazy slug now?!?! Geez!

No seriously, it looks AMAZING! Way to go girl! I know you've been wanting to rid yourself of the green for quite some time. I'm so glad you finally did it! The brown is so rich and warm, and the blends so well with all of your belongings. I can't wait to see it in person!

Speaking of Saturday, come hell or high water or even with earache, I WILL be going somewhere...preferrably with you! I've got a mean case of cabin fever, what with missing all the fun last night night. Speaking of which, you didn't mention. I do hope it was indeed a fun night out.

Happy day!

sulu-design said...

Lovely color selection - I especially like the warm brown tone.

Susan said...

WOW, you did it again! I remember when you were young how you would decide to paint your room and I would be like um....well, I guess...um and you would already have it covered and ready to go or else done! It looks really great. I am so glad you decided to go ahead with that color. It really ties everything in and makes it look cohesive. YAY!

Kate said...

It looks fabulous!

Snowelf said...

Wow--you have some absolutely beautiful things!! I love your lamps especially--and the stained glass is gorgeous.

And I still have the dollhouse my dad made for me.

It's simply beautiful!!



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