10 October 2006

Christmas fabric delima...

Is it too early to think about Christmas?
Well, I'm having a little problem. I thought I found the perfect material for the back of the tree skirt I wanted to make...And I can't find it anymore. Did they put it on sale and then sell out? Perhaps. Rats.
we all remember what the front fabric looks like don't we?
I bought this at a thrift here in town ($1)
it is in fact, vintage...a backing of a really old thrashed crazy quilt (I carefully removed it, and then proceeded to save the other part of the quilt too, thinking that I could do something with that as well...sigh. Can I not bear to throw anything away?) So, I think I've narrowed it down to these fine fabrics (ha! I'm now thinking of buying at least 2 of them and doing a sort of pieced thing on the back...because I am absolutely convinced that I will not find actual vintage fabric for this piece, and I need to get started on this project so I can finish it before the holiday season!)

these sweet girls
wonderful for a background
treetop kitties (which matches absolutely nothing!)
these reindeer
this holly
something perfect for my mother
or really...anything from Michael Miller (check out the retro rocket rascals)

Give me your votes please...I am really leaning towards all of them (rolling my eyes). Including, of course the kitties, which don't go with anything, but are soooo cute I can hardly stand it! And what if I go totally modern some day? (I mean, a girl can change her mind can't she?) And I do, in fact, have a pink aluminum Christmas tree that I could switch off from year to year...


thatgirldina said...

The reindeer and holly are both screaming "pick me! pick me!!!". They both get my vote.

Although, those kitties are simply too precious! You MUST make something with them. I'm envisioning an adoreable fluffy holiday-esque kitty basket bed thing for miss Mena? or a little mat for under her wonderful silver food tray?

Jolene George said...

I like the holly and the green background one....but what YOU like is what matters.

sulu-design said...

I'm in favor of the green Christmas toss, but the reindeer sure are cute, too.


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