17 October 2006

Piles of Muffins...

This is how I ended up my day off yesterday...
With a pile of pumpkin muffins...Half were delivered to Dina and her wonderful son, who regaled me with all sorts of good movie recommendations (who knew Monster House wasn't scary? According to Niko, I just need to be brave...sigh) and silly stories, including one which explained the large sticky spot on his hair ("I have crunchy hair right here")...apparently one of his friends at school dropped a spoon full of strawberry yogurt on his head at school...which got us all to laughing and talking about sticky things...Niko told us we were "asgusting...and don't say those words any more!" although, I'm hoping he was joking and didn't mean it, because it would wipe out quite a bit of my vocabulary, and to tell the truth, I can't exactly remember what it was I was saying. He was also saying "ewwww" in the cutest way. It was a lovely visit and an extremely enjoyable way to end my day...it was super fun to finally sit and talk to Niko (Dina too, of course) because really, up until last night, he's been a little shy around me...although, I must admit, I haven't been around a lot so it's hardly his fault! I also got to meet Lou-Lou the wonder dog...WOW...she's something else.

I took a 3 mile walk at Peavine yesterday as well, and then took myself out to lunch and a good book at WildFlower...they have the BEST Caesar salad there! Thrift shopping (I scored an amazing vintage dress...more later on that) and found what may be the replacements to all the glasses I keep breaking at Cost Plus...AND, I did get my free Pumpkin Pie Passion lotion at the Bath place...so now, I will smell like a walking baked good...Speaking of which (walking that is) how long do you think it would take me to justify buying these boots?


thatgirldina said...

Oink. Yes, I ate another muffin after you left and then 2 more this morning with my coffee! Oink. Oink. YUM! They photograph beautifully, but they taste even better! Niko actually had the nerve to say "stop it mom or there won't be any left for me!" He's right. Shhhh.

Oh, and you are his new best friend. After you left he told me he was sad that you were gone and that you were stuppose (yes, stuppose) to stay for a sleepover. So, I believe a slumber party is in our future.

Thank you again for the delicious muffins and the lovely visit. What a wonderful surprise! I cannot even begin to tell you how nice it was to have you over. We never, ever get visitors....please drop by anytime girl. You are always welcome at our house. I'm just sorry you had to see it in such a state. We are usually a little less messy!

I can't wait to see your fabulous new dress. Maybe you should wear it on our movie date next Thursday. Western rik-rak meets the modern Marie Antoinette...you might be on to something!

Happy Day Sadie!

sulu-design said...

The muffins look YUMMY. And Niko sounds adorable!


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