02 October 2009

Why Hello October...

For the official welcome of October (and waking up to a rather loud noise at Foolsewoode this morning, and then realizing it was the heat coming on for the first time this year...and silently thanking myself while pumping my fists in the air because I changed the heater filter last night before I went to bed just in case, all while answering the phone...what? I can multitask...) I finally unpacked the Halloween decoration box so I could decorate the mantle.

Well, after getting out of bed and having a cuppa that is.

From year to year, it becomes a bit of a challenge to decorate the mantle and change it around a bit...You know, so it doesn't get stale?

Also, I often need to incorporate a few new pieces I may have picked up along the way...

Like those cute little pumpkin candy containers up there, that just happen to match my tall dapperly dressed pumpkin man. They surprised me by showing up at the same time I did at The Thrift Shop last week.

...And you may notice a handful of hand painted wooden skull masks propped up there this year as well. I happened to whip them up for a project I have been working on...and by whip them up, I mean I was forced to paint some myself (using some weird pirate skull thin wooden masks that I heavily altered) as I was really after some realistic looking skull masks and hadn't been able to find them anywhere!

All the skull masks out there seem to be garish and more of the horror variety rather than realistic. So, I finally gave up and decided that I would probably be better of if I made the masks myself...They turned out perfect for the project and I had a little feeling in the back of my head that they would enhance further Halloween decor here at Foolsewoode.

Happy October!

Surprise Update!
I am IN our local paper, right at the top of the Business section (which would explain all the people wandering in and the phone calls) If you are not local and want to check out the article run over here...


Tonya said...

The write up in the paper is great!
I love the mantel, are those pumpkins newer or vintage? It's so hard to tell now-a-days. I moved into town! I'll visit soon. Happy October.

NeceLynn said...

I love you mantel and those pumpkins rock!!! Yeah for October

Anonymous said...

And...... CONGRATS~!!!!!!!!!!!!


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