01 August 2010

Melty and Sparking...

Hello all.

I'm writing to tell you that I'm taking a bit of an unscheduled break.

Its a forced thing at this point.

You see...I noticed the other day that my power cord for the Mac has started to be a little flaky.  By the time I really realized it and admitted to myself and researched buying a new one (hello $80 from Apple...for a "known issue") Cause' we all know that is the process.  I started smelling a little weird smell...picked up the cord and watched the sparks fly.


Oh dear.

No burning down of the Snap! Snap! or Foolsewoode or myself though.

So...I will be a little quiet here until I get my new power source and I can then fill you in on all the happenings.

I will see you all soon...

Carry on.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

melting and sparking is not a good thing. You're smart to play it safe. I'll be waiting!


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