19 August 2010

Hey Pumpkin Head...

Look who happened to pop into the shop this week!

(with the help of my mother)

(she was his acting chauffeur)

I know it might be a little early for Halloween (I don't care what you saw in your favorite mass market big box store the last time you went shopping) But, I never think it's too early for being a Pumpkin Head.  I think they have a year-round charm personally...and one I keep threatening to try to replicate in my own way.  Until then, I can look fondly upon my sweet Pumpkin Headed little men that abound at Foolsewoode...they don't often get packed away with the regular holiday stuff you see...

They need breathing room...

And year-round adoration.

Kind of like my sweet shifty-eyed little snowman candy container

(complete with his stash of vintage candy)

(whom was also delivered to me by MamaClaus)

(she's a great chauffeur)

(and a great Mother!)


Sophia said...

I don't think it's too early for Halloween...it's really not that far off. In fact, I'm already creating custom handmade greeting cards for this season for customers. LOVE your pumpkin. :)

wende said...

Part of me wants to say "It's way too early for Halloween", but the other part of me, the part that is scurrying to get Christmas product ready to photograph knows better. :D


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