11 August 2010

Mostly Wordless Wednesday...

HA!  Just when I get back into the blog-groove I decide to go mostly wordless.

(I know that's what you're thinking...)

(Maybe it's only what I'm thinking)

Lest you think I be a huge ginormous slacker...I present to you, the official tattoo photos:

The owl...and his sweet little face (he's definitely a male.  Don't ask me why, I just know.)  And a somewhat bizarre circular scar that doesn't seem to want to hold the color right there close to his body under the second set of wings.  I'm sure Tony would be more than happy to touch that up for me, but I'm honestly not sure if it will hold color?

The Celtic knot made from tree branches with apples arm band.  Which as I am staring at it I notice it's upside-down...but if I rotate the photo it doesn't look as good.  Deb (my photographer and editor for this project) certainly got it right the first time.

I especially love the little whips of ink that Tony was able to bring right off the end of the branches...and I'd like to go on record as saying that I was envisioning more of a blocky tree-branch design and he's the one that came up with this...which I love.

It reminds me very much of Snow White as well for some reason, and I think it's more feminine which balances out the male in the owl.

The other side of the owl who is perched on a tree branch and something Tony and I came up with on the fly as neither of us had thought about it...but it works very well.  Also immediately to the right (and going out of this shot) is a lovely knot he made from all the branches.

The detail on this tattoo is exquisite and I actually get stopped constantly by people who want to see it closer or talk to me about it...I can only take credit for the idea, Tony is the true artist here...

This shows the underneath part of my arm.

I know what you're thinking.


Not as much as you would think though...The owl in its entirety too about 3 hours from start to finish.  Tony and I got up only once to stretch.  I'm not a GetUpAndStretch kind of gal when I'm getting a tattoo, I'd rather sit and get it over with...Tony was a bit amazed at how well I did.  But he does have a very nice and light touch...The arm band which was completed 6 weeks later took about 2 and a half hours...and he did the bulk of the outlining around my arm as far as he could reach without me moving it...which was honestly not as bad as I thought it would be.  It was much quicker than the owl...and honestly, for me?

It's the healing.

I have a harder time healing from a tattoo I discovered with this one.  It's kind of worrisome and exhausting to me...and itchy.  And the under arm and arm band was very different from the owl...the owl being on the outside of my arm where it didn't rub against anything.

You use your arms a lot in a day.

(who knew, right?) 
(or at least I do...since I gesticulate a lot.)
(like a Muppet)

The whole thing healed beautifully for me though eventually, the color is still very vivid (because sometimes red looses a bit after healing) and I just adore it.
Which is good, it being permanent and all.

My special thanks and undying admiration for Debra Duncan...my very talented photographer for this project.


~Molly~ said...

As we say in the South... LAWSY that is GAWdjuz!! LOVELOVELOVE the owl and apples! Wonderful symbolism there Sadie!!


Anonymous said...

I can tell it's totally you... well, it haq to be, seeing that it's permanently ON you, but you know what I mean.


Suzanne said...

I love it, and the red and green of it too-very cool!


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