13 August 2010

Burnin' Down the House...


But not really.


This is what happens when one accidentally knocks a knob on the stove to Med Hi while they're cooking on a totally different set of burners and then walks out of the house to work...thus leaving the burner on without knowing it.

All day as a matter of fact.

And say someone does this and on the particular burner in question, one has a Kitchen Aid ceramic teapot on it...that was bought because it was red and matched all the other Kitchen Aid things in the kitchen...cause' heaven knows at this point, it can't just be a burner with nothing on it.

Luckily my dear sweet roommate walked into the kitchen and noticed the entire situation when she got home from work.  By that time the kitchen was rather hot, and the teapot was black and more melted to the burner than not (no great loss there though, it never ever whistled or worked right since I acquired it.)  She handled the whole thing with a calm cool head...

(And, Not to mention the fumes that now permeate the house)

(Let's not mention that, shall we?)

(I should probably mention here that now I'm more than a little nervous about lighting candles and incense to get rid of that smell)

It's been a hard week in the kitchen at Foolsewoode...as far as burning goes.

The other day DaNece was making a pie in the oven and it decided to boil over and through its crust...all over the bottom of the oven.  And now me bumping the knob?  Yeah.  We'd already gone through this once not too long ago...and ever since I bought this stove I've accidentally turned on this burner when I meant to turn on the front one.


I was in shock when I came home, and I'm still not feeling panicked about it.  I do feel insanely grateful that nothing worse happened.  What if it had been the glass Pyrex teapot sitting there instead?  What if one of the potholders that hang above the stove tried to get into the action?  What if something would have happened to my Kitchen Aid Mixer...or worse?  What if something had happened to the cat because of this?

What if...?
Kitchens are precarious at best.  Especially lately.

It makes me close my eyes very slowly and take a deep breath and let it out rather slowly and shakily.

But, I've fixed the problem...

I took the knob off the stove, and set it on top of the stove instead.

(at this point I'm not sure if I'm punishing myself or the stove?)

I honestly don't think this burner is useable as I can't get the charred burnt enamel off (although to be fair, I haven't tried all that hard yet...I'm too scared)  But for now?  The knob is off and sitting in the teabag holder Rozz painted for me.


What a week.

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Anonymous said...

o boy, you are lucky! it could have been alot worse.


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