10 August 2010

Break Over...

Hello there blog.

Did you miss me?

Well, technically I actually had my power cord for the Mac back this weekend, and I took an extra day for myself to collect words up.  It's horrible, I know...and I'm sure there's a million little things to update you on, if I could find the words.  Words are at a bit of a scarcity for me right now...I attribute it to the way things are going as of late.  It's been, um...odd in my neck of the woods.

To say the least.

When Ms. Dina wondered out-loud to me whether or not I was taking a break because of the smoking melty power cord or if I just needed a break?  I have to admit I scoffed a bit.  Now I'm happy that I took last week off...

It's a bit elusive...sometimes I can put my finger on it, sometimes I can't.  It's like being bombarded by a million little things.  Yes, I can certainly handle them, but when it keeps happening it becomes exhaustive.  Especially when I can't remember where I've put my shield.  Actually, a lot of my friends have been feeling the same way...and I am ready for it to shift in a different direction and get more better.

So...we'll just sneak into our mother's yards and wiggle the apple tree branches and make off with some instead, eh?

You know.

And apple a day keeps the crazy at bay.

(OK, I'm sure there's supposed to be something in there about a doctor, but we'll just mold it to current situations instead, being the sculptors that we are.)

And we shall concentrate instead on the positive that's been happening while I've been away:

  • I got my new power cord (I'm sure everyone on facebook was relieved about that)
  • I went into Verizon to complain about my cell phone.  They sweetly replaced it with a lovely new touch model as a total surprise because they could not find the model I had to replace it with, and I only have 4 months left on my contract and they didn't add one day...so, it's like getting a whole new upgrade for free!  Verizon has lovely customer service.
  • I am deelply in love with my new phone.
  • Seriously.
  • Hanging with friends.
  • Recovering rather quickly from a couple of weird yoga injuries.
  • Attending The Prescott Film Festival at various times over the weekend.
  • Attending a coffee and truffle tasting at Method Coffee (actually I had a date with both Andrew who wan an MC at the Film Festival that night and then his wife Angie picked me up and I had a date with her...such fun!)
  • Streaming movies through Netflix via the Wii...If you haven't seen The Price of Milk yet, you totally need to.
  • Watching it rain, and then pour rain some more.
  • Baking the first apple pies of the season from the apples grown from my mother's trees (no stealing necessary)
  • Having the most lovely customer of mine who always drops off clothes for Snap! Snap! tuck a handmade knitted cardigan...you can get lost in the depth of the turquoise.
  • Having home made apple sauce (courtesy of mom) for breakfast this morning.
  • Planning a vacation.
  • Making and enjoying mocha frappucinos (cause' I'm talented that way)

And we won't concentrate on the negative.

Until I can rewrite it into a funny anecdote...because I know it can be done.

After all, if you're laughing after the 3rd time something hurtful has been said to you...it must be ridiculous, and I believe I can do it.


Let's you and I set a date for a meet-up here tomorrow in this space, and we'll see what I can come up with shall we?


wende said...

Welcome back... and boo to people who say hurtful things.

I'm off to take my child camping, but will check in when I'm back. :D

Anonymous said...

I missed you. Those Frappes look divine. YUM! So sorry that someone hurt your feelings. Do they not know that you are wonderful?



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