16 August 2010

My Closeup Mr. Demille...

Saturday morning I met my wonderful friend Monika for coffee and chit-chats.  We love our chit-chats and we do this whenever she comes in to visit Snap! Snap!  Of course, me being at work never makes me feel like I really sit and chit.

Or chat.

(for that matter)
Somewhere in the middle of all the coffee drinking and scone consuming (that would be on my part, ahem) Monika looked at me and exclaimed that while she always enjoyes talking to me she was dying to photograph me.

She's a photographer you know.

Which made me slightly cringe (on the inside) because I'm not usually one for having pictures of myself taken (mostly because I'm totally horrified at the results.)  But Monika is an amazing portrait photographer...


Which I totally knew going in to this madcap photographic adventure.

Which means we slurped up finished up packed up and ran up to Foolsewoode to find a more colorful appropriate outfit and one that Monika thought could capture my quirkiness (which I always thought my face did um, rather well...)

And would you believe we could find nothing?



If you've ever had the pleasure of visiting Foolsewoode, you'd know that is just plain untrue.  There are tons of lovely frocks lying around waiting for their moment to shine...shoes, jewels, handbags, hats...you name it, it's all there.

Monika dug around in my closet and in my armoire and came up with this outfit, and I'd say that it works rather well.

One of my friends on facebook said she loved the way the photos turned out...there were some happy, laughing, and pensive and dramatic.

Just like me.

And my character laden face.

Seriously though?

After taking about 200 pictures...squinting in the sun, trying not to crinkle up my eyes, sweat off my make-up, sucking it in, tilting my chin up, shoulders back, and fixing my bra straps...I am absolutely amazed by the results.  I have never. in. my. life. liked this many pictures of myself.

Not ever.

 It makes me wish I would have had Monika take my High School Senior Pictures...only I think we were in high school together at the time.

Or something else more monumental than just some random day...

But this day?

This one random day?

Turned into so much more...

I feel monumental.

I feel beautiful...

I feel amazing...

I feel happy...

And she captured my quirky just perfectly.

Totally perfectly.

And the one random day was full of magic.

*If you are in need of a photographer for a monumental event or the capture of an ordinary day...Please feel free to contact me and I will put you in touch with Monika.  Even if you cringe when you think about having photos taken (and yes, even it it's on the inside) I want to tell you...having a photographer who is happy, fun, and trustworthy makes all the difference...and heck yes, it's worth traveling up to Prescott to play with Monika for a few hours.

You most certainly won't be disappointed.


mountainmama14x said...

Beautiful Photos! Great job and you make an amazing object of the lens- Love ya Sadie <3

Kristal said...

Oh Sadira, you look BEAUTIFUL!!! I would love to feel more confident about having my picture taken, but at this stage in my life...no, not gonna happen!

And your "quirky" outfit is really stylish, but certainly you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful subject = beautiful photos... just sayin'...


Hugs, my friend!

Suzanne said...

These are gorgeous! So fun to find someone who really captures "your soul" as I once felt when my hubby took some photos of me, like your expressions are totally...YOU


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