17 August 2010

Flying Along By The Seat Of My Pants...

Usually while going through life transitions (see:  Rough Waters Ahead) while in the throws of life's little fun dramas (see:  Growing Pains) I've noticed that if I take a second to notice (see:  Sucked Up In My Own Drama) things in nature are usually trying to get my attention.

In this case lately it's been humming birds and skunks.

A lot.

Like, the kind of a lot where I'm sitting outside enjoying the time at home and hummingbirds are flying all around and landing on the trees right next to me (see:  I Don't Even Have Feeders For Them, So It's Not That) and I sit there and talk to them (see:  "Hey There!"  Nothing Too Deep)  and they sit and look at me, cocking their little heads and hopping from branch to branch.

So, I've taken to carrying my camera around with me, because it's kind of bizarre...so I can snap a picture of them.

Which I did up there.


I was sneaking around in my front yard and snapped this little guy totally clear.

Except I defy you to find it in the picture.

I'll help you out:


No.  I didn't think so.

Trust me, he's there...hanging out letting me know all sorts of things according to Ted Andrews book that is (and one that I happen to keep handy to look up animals on the fly...get it?)



(No.  I didn't think so.)

And there is a very young skunk living on the property of Foolsewoode...who is so cute I might add, that I want to pick it up and give it a big squeeze.


(we all know what happens if I try that)

So...both things are very interesting symbols and just a little reminder that usually we all have more help than we are even aware of...which is comforting.  Even if I just happen to read about it and then almost immediately forget exactly what they mean, so that I can't possibly enlighten you (see:  Sigh)

And even if these symbols of extra help are not showing up in pictures as well as they could...At least I know they're still there.


My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

I couldn't spot the hummingbird even with the arrow as a clue. I guess as I get older so do my eyes.


Anonymous said...

lol, Sadira. Those critters are just giving a show of support! The possibilities of the impossible with lively chatter and play sword, er, beak fighting in a lovely, wildish yard...not a bad way to be. And cute, gentle, but not unprotected furry critters are pretty awesome, too. Somehow I don't think these critters ever worry about holding it together.
(who is too lazy to log into her blogger acct)


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