23 August 2010

The Eighties Called...And She Wants Her Shoes Back.

But really not so much, because as far as crazy sandals go...I happen to look marginally good in what is known as The Gladiator Style.

(plus I'll have something to wear when I go back to Rome!)

(Only I didn't really appreciate Rome as much as other parts of Italy and I've been dying to go to The Amalfi Coast...and really, all roads lead to Rome...so I can probably get by with wearing these anywhere in Italy.)

(One would think)

Saturday amidst running errands, like replacing sunglasses and eating my weight in Saturday junk foods...DaNece and I ran by a store here in town and ran jumped muscled our way  got sucked into the shoe section.  I wasn't even shopping for shoes (I really need socks).

I was just looking.

Just looking I tell you.

I mean, we don't even wear the same size...so I wasn't even in the right section.  Which means that the right section was just on the other side of the wrong section...which means that they have open shoe shelves...which means on can just reach right through if they see something that catches their eye.  Which totally happened when I spied these gold gladiator shoes.

Although, to be completely fair, I had already seen them once when I was there with Dina...who fell in love with them the minute I placed them on my feet and tried to talk me into buying them then.

Since I have very narrow feet and teeny tiny ankles, I have to admit that Gladiators do look quite sweet on my feetsies.  But, I wasn't about to justify the $40+ price tag on them...so back on their shelf they went.

Until I spied them again this weekend at a $20+ discount...

DaNece wrinkled her nose at first (we have different shoe taste) that is until I put them on my feet.  Then she was cheering me on.

I need little encouragement when buying designer shoes this cheaply...I mean, it was the same price as going out to dinner and a movie.


They're on my little toesies as we speak...and I adore them.  From the little bit of UGG shearling they have in the heels of their ridiculously comfortable cork foot-bed...all the way up to the little UGG grommets that hold their delicate gold leather straps together.

I mean.  I seriously adore them.

Like the kind of adoration where I'm gonna wear the heck out of these $20 babies until the snow falls...well that and in the back of my mind I'm terrified they'll go out of style before I get my fill of them.


There's always Italy.

(and I could totally use an excuse to go back there)


megan said...

i totally heart these and i bet they ARE perf on you! have been slacking, but will see you manans for shizzle! what store were these at?

Sophia said...

Oh...I haven't seen a pair of those in ages! I bet they do look sweet on your feet!! :)

Anonymous said...

You crack me up... A $20+ discount always says the right thing...lol!

sarah doow said...

$20 for shoes? That's nothing, get yourself back there and buy another pair!

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

I don't know if this helps, but you'd definitely be in style over here in southern Italy (well outside of Rome) ;)


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