29 July 2010

Waterproof Mascara...

My my my...look at those gray skies out there beyond the trees.

This is what we've been staring at for a couple of days.  It's monsoon season you know, so this is nothing unusual.  Today we were treated to quite a bit of thunder and lightning and steady rains.

Which means it feels like we're all breathing through water.

It's the humidity.

We're not used to it way out west.

Which means it's a bit sticky...and muggy.  Although, we all wade around in all of this nodding to each other patting each other on the back and saying, "we sure need the moisture"  Because we do.  Every once in a while someone will come out with the reminder that we're in the middle of a drought.  It seems like I've been hearing that statement for about 10 years now...I am still unsure of how every one knows we're in the middle of it?  If it's been the middle for 10 years, I'm a little nervous about how long this drought is supposed to last.

Until then, I've invested in a lot of waterproof mascara.


Anonymous said...

I took a second look at the photo after reading your blog entry. I thought it was a painting or photograph.

I always wear waterproof mascara. My eyes are naturally watery and you never know when I have a hot flash...

Sophia said...

Hee Hee. Thanks for the chuckle and smile tonight. :) Hope you have a super Friday!!

Kristal said...

I just love a good thunderstorm...unfortunately, they have promised them but they have yet to show up. And we could really use the release from the humidity!

Sorry I've been so MIA...summer has been full of little projects. Not really wanting it to end though, I enjoy having the time with my kids! And have been trying to list more items in the shop. Funny how when you actually list items they tend to sell better than being stuff into a cardboard box ~ LOL!!


Melina said...

ha for some reason, I thought that that big picture window of the trees was a giant beautiful painting. Enjoy the heat!

Anonymous said...

It's drizzling right now. It almost looks like snow, but that's silly. The reason why I know that is because I am at the shop and I'm watching it and using the internet before my thirty minutes are up.


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