01 July 2010

*You are Here...I think...

Hello, I'd like to introduce myself...although, it's almost unnecessary at this point if you've been following along in my many varied life adventures here at and around Foolsewoode...but I feel like I must anyway.  My name is Sadira and I've lived in the same small town for 30 years.

Yes, I grew up on a mountaintop...much like a wise sage whom people travel miles to see, so they can ask various questions about life...only, people tend more to seek me out and ask me directions.  Which is great because I've lived in the same little spot for 30 years...but is not great, because in that 30 years a lot has changed.  Street names, landmarks, businesses...which tends to make me not a very reliable person to ask directions from if you want accurate and up to date names.

For instance...at the end of the main street in town which is either Gurley or Sheldon, you can then pick two distinct routes to leave in different directions...one leads you to Phoenix eventually, the other one leads you to Chino and then to Ashfork (I think...or as I like to refer to it, that place we jumped off a train once when My Pal Amy's brother took us to hop a train in the middle of the night.)  And, it wasn't until recently that I could remember the names of the highways (89 and 69 in case you're wondering) and even now?  I just wave my arm vaguely in the direction and tell people to either veer to the left and go under the bridge, or veer towards the right...and then become a master storyteller about which direction they should take and all the landmarks they would see if they were going the right way.  One would think that it would just be easier to memorize street and highway names.

It would make me hang my head in shame if it wasn't so funny.

The other day DaNece and I were invited over to a friends house for dinner and chit chat...only DaNece was driving in from Chino and needed directions.  These are those directions more or less as emailed:

Ok...this is going to be interesting, because I know how to get there, but I don't know the names of all the streets!  Hold on to your hats:

If you're going up Willow Creek towards town from Chino, turn right on what used to be known as Sylvan...or 21 curves, I'm sure they changed the name at some point, but I really honestly can't remember what to.  I believe that it's the next street after Geneva the street where Amy's family lives, although I don't think you've ever been there...it was a lot easier to find before because it had the most beautiful huge tree on the corner, but they massacred it during the "street widening project"...Um, that would be Geneva that had the tree, not the one you need to turn on to get to M's, but you turn on the next street after Geneva that has a light...which helps.

Now...go up and curve around a lot and go by that SUPER CUTE house that's for sale that I lust after every time I go by and have some sort of fantasy that I will move in there with someone in the future?  I mean, it keeps coming down in price, so that could happen...although, it's really only a close second to the one that is in that fancy-shmancy neighborhood that Amy and I go walking in...the little Spanish style one that has a courtyard?!  I don't think you've ever seen it, but it's AWESOME!  Gawd...I totally LOVE that house and I can picture starting a family in it...sigh. The house on the street you need to go on to go to M's has natural wood siding and green trim.  I believe the road to that's next is Country Park Dr?  There is a big whitish house with blue trim (I think) on the corner...follow that road down and around...at one point it will look like you can turn right, left, or go straight into a house...Oddly enough, the right hand is Geneva, but it doesn't go through from Amy's Geneva...believe me, I've tried it!  SO...turn leftish and ease your way gently around the next corner to your right...otherwise you will fly right off the side of a mountain...sure, you'll then totally be at M's house, but you may really hurt yourself and I don't know if they can afford to re-roof the place right now if you come shooting off the side of the mountain and land on top of it...

The next driveway is M's...and it goes down to her house, which is olive green...and my car should be there.

Good luck, and if you need to call on the way there please do and I'll hand the phone off to someone who knows the names of the streets...

She actually found her way just fine, although she'd driven out there before so she had that going for her...but honestly?  I think I would make a great GPS voice...you would totally eventually find your way to your destination and you'd have a whole lot of lovely stories on the way...


Anonymous said...

It's funny how many times I've walked past M's house and never even knew it it was hers. Good going DaNece for finding it with no street names!

My favorite direction I've heard was always, "Turn right at the wig." :)

See you soon!


p.s. I love your new blog design!!

Suzanne said...

Isn't that so true, having grow up there? Here I'm always looking at signs because sometimes things look the same. I have some landmarks I have to look for for my house though as they all look the same! More than once we've driven into the wrong driveway!

I love the new layout too-looks terrific!


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