12 July 2010

The Prescott Farmer's Market...

Which is usually where you'll find me early on Saturday mornings during their run of summer...but where I haven't been one time since it started this summer.  Can you believe that?

Me neither.

But...I did make time to go out this Saturday to pick up some sweet fresh organic produce.

I bought radishes...

(don't you LOVE how it looks like the little Day Of The Dead gal up there looks like she's enjoying a little handful of the radishes?  I'm sure she would too...if she wasn't sewn on to a tank top.)

And, my colorful tomato vendors were out there with their  piles and piles of sweet tomato goodness...which always makes me very excited.

Tomatoes totally do that for me.

I fact, I have both of those things in my lunch salad today...although, I'd just as soon eat them both raw for a snack, that will do too.

Someone was also selling figs...which I snagged for of for the price of $1.00...they were $5/lb but I think you'd have to get a ton to make the scale move...my 4 didn't really do anything, and now I wish I would have grabbed more.  My mother adores figs, so I usually try to grab them when I see them for her...but I hid one in reserve for myself.

Actually, it was sitting on the stove out of the way until I ate it with blueberries for breakfast yesterday.

Cause that's totally how I roll.


Wende said...

Yum! Really good tomatoes don't arrive at our market until later in the summer. But I'm so looking forward to some heirlooms. Unfortunately, I still haven't planted our summer garden and I may have missed the moment. Le sigh.

Anonymous said...

Fresh figs... so decadent. I just love em.

I know you have dairy issues, but if u can tolerate butter, radish butter is awesome on a cracked pepper triscut. Serious.


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