06 July 2010

From In to Outside...

Late afternoon sun streaming around the corner of the house, through the tree branches, and reaching its way across the front of the house...its little fingers waving a sweet good-bye for the day as the sun finally sets.

And...what I am currently enjoying in the evenings at Foolsewoode when I happen to be lucky enough to be home and not out and about.

You see...it's feeling a little warm in the house when I get home to it being closed up all day...no, I don't have air conditioning.  I suppose I could install this, but I chalk it up to being a long time resident of Prescott...that I can feel the heat, but not be too bothered.  After all, not only does it totally cool down at night, but I have various fans and a swamp cooler placed in mostly strategic areas...

And when it gets too unbearable, as it is wont to do in all of Arizona from time to time...I just take it outside instead, light a slew of candles, and put a foot or two up and enjoy.

Sometimes I even eat Popsicles...

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