19 July 2010

Lather Rinse...Repeat.

Weekend Pampering.


Not something I've done in a while...I've been more of a sporadic pamperer lately...a pedi here, a facial there...exfoliation, tweeze...cha cha cha.

And this weekend?  Well, Ms. Dina and I threw ourselves together and jumped into the beauty pool.  I have to admit that she's usually the one I do this with the most.  It's not that all my friends aren't beautiful...they most certainly are...it's just that Dina keeps up with and puts on make-up in a way I wish I could.

It's almost silly isn't it?

Sometimes I feel so late to the party...

My sister is talented in this way too...but me?  I read a couple of articles and look at pictures, try things out, horrify myself...wipe it off and go on with my day.

I was actually at Ms. Dina's for a birthday party recently and leaned over to tell her niece I thought she was stunning and how jealous I was that she did her eyes so well.  She looked at me and said, "Sadie?  You need to watch the videos on Youtube..."

Ahhhh...out of the mouths of 13 year-olds indeed.

So I did.
I realize that like fashion, make-up changes through the years...applications and techniques and since I've always thought I've been rather bad at this aspect of beauty, I found something that I thought worked for me, coveted the latest techniques and just went on my merry way.

I'm realizing this may take some practice...so, I'm going to approach it like that.  And I'm hoping to bring in the skills of a fine painter.  Not that I'm a fine painter, but I am creative and I can paint.  So, was it a fluke or just a well timed coincidence that Ms. Dina and I found ourselves chit chatting about make up and eyes and brushes this weekend?  Perhaps.  I like to think it's fate.

Which found both of us running here and there talking brushes, pigments, and mascaras.

Oh my.

I walked away from this weekend with a renewed vigor (and the realization that I'm going to have to give myself more than my allotted 10 minutes face/eye time in front of the mirror as I am using no less than 4 brushes on my eyes...and 3 on my face...gah!) I learned that I need to shampoo and condition my brushes regularly (who knew?  Yeah...you're right, you probably did) I went through make-up bags with a cutthroat determination and threw away things that were old and that I haven't used in a long time (ie.  That make up that I bought when I was still married?  Yeah.  That was a bit long ago) I then I washed and conditioned...individually cleaned off plastic containers, and threw the mess of make-up bags in the wash.

Things are clean and sparkly and organized...and I think I may just have achieved that smoky eye I have been coveting for some time now.

I did buy some new key things this weekend as well.  After wandering around in Target with Ms. D...and having her point out what each brush did (seriously.  I know there's a whole lot of brushes out there, but this is major if you haven't been keeping up) I walked away with a new flat brush for applying foundation (so you look all air brushed and whatnot...simply more amazing than a sponge in my opinion) and a new eye-brow combo thing (cause I was currently using the head of a very broken one for some time now and there was no handle and most of the comb tines had been broken off...ahem) some new pigment shades, a gel eye-liner (which is fab for someone who's always thought they look dead after applying eye-liner)  a blending brush, and the thought that I may need a Kabuki brush for powder...that is until I dug out all of the brushes I already own and realize I have a lovely Smash Box Kabuki brush already (and another one I didn't realize I had)  Ahem again.


Brushes are serious expensive business if you want the good ones.

I also inherited a rather amazing bottle of Dior mascara, which I can't remember the name of right now, but after applying it this morning I realize why people pay a little more for some products.  When I looked back at my own reflection, I could hardly believe it was me staring back...My eyes are framed in a way they haven't been since I bought the Urban Decay mascara a few years ago and used until it dried up and went away.  And I loved it, but it wasn't waterproof and got a bit smudgy here and there.

Thanks for the reminder Dior.

Oh and Dina.

Who invited me over to top off the weekend with a DIY manicure that has to be one of the best ones I've ever had.  I can't remember the exact products we used, but I can already tell it's going to warrant another trip out to Sally's.  Oh wait...D just emailed me the spot she found it!!
(we also dipped our hands in ice water at the very end to set everything and it's the perfect icing on the nail polish cake for sure.  Although, that cake would kind of taste icky, eh?)

It really is all about the little things isn't it?  Feeling like you're looking your best all while mastering (or trying to) a new technique or style or look...topping it off with great conversation and feeling a little more girlie and pampered than I have in quite a long while...


Kathy said...

So, who did you watch on youtube? My faves are Pixiwoo (out of the UK) and Kandee Johnson (in Nevada).

thatgirldina said...

Thanks for keeping me company this weekend! It was EXACTLY the pick me up I needed after a week of crying my eyes out. Can't wait to try out all my new purprises!

Anonymous said...

I kinda go off and on with makeup. Right now I'm a semi-ON. I just use a powder for foundation, and a base color shadow for all over, color liner, and mascara... Oh, and a gloss. Right now my skin pigment is behaving, so no need for foundation.

thatgirlkiana said...

Well Sadie, I sure hope I helped! (: I'm almost 15 though, not 13. Haha, I love your blog!


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