15 July 2010

Cat In The Hat In The Shoe...

I suppose there are about as many reasons to like facebook as there are...well, probably to hate it.  Currently facebook is helping me stay in touch with people who are important to me (some of whom live in the same town and I see in person as well) And the other day while I was be-bopping around on the Internets I saw a flashy ad for Converse shoes, right there on the sidebar of facebook.

It just happened to be featuring their new Dr. Seuss designs.

I love Converse, and have since the moment I got my first pair of Converse...a pair of lavender hightops C. 1982.  I thoroughly wore them out only to replace them with a pink pair and so on...until I can say with some sense of snobbery know it all-ness authority that there is usually always at least one pair of Converse in my shoe collection at any given time...

Which is as it should be.
But, as of Tuesday, I now have two pairs of Converse.  The pair of pink glitter sparkle ones (obviously...I mean, sheesh) and the all new red and white and black striped Cat in the Hat's Hat inspired ones.

I'm sure I should be minding my P's and Q's and not buying more shoes...but how could I possibly resist these?

From their absolutely darling style and comfortable fit, their packaging, free shipping, a Dr. Seuss backpack/bag, not one...but three pairs of different colored laces...and again with that packaging?!


These are a must have for anyone who is a die hard Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat fan.

And you so totally know that I would have gotten the Thing 1 and Thing 2 hightops if they would have come in my size...so I didn't go that overboard.


Someone just happened to remind me (again via facebook) that they might indeed go nicely with the red petti-skirt I have also been coveting...as would the pink sparkle ones.


And my tiara.

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Mytutorlist.com said...

They're so cute! I love them!


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