02 July 2010

Kiddie Parade Kick-Off...

This morning was the Kiwanis Kiddie Parade...which is like an official kick-off to the downtown Fourth of July festivities.  I mean, sure the World's Oldest Rodeo started Monday...but that's not downtown now is it smarty pants?

I have no idea how long this particular parade has been happening, I just know that I was little enough to be in it at some point.  Of course that was just a mere few years ago ForHeavensSake, so we can hardly go by that fact.


I also know that the older I get, the more this particular parade makes me teary-eyed.

It doesn't even have anything to do with the fact that I don't usually know anyone in the parade, but it's the pure delight on the kids faces who are participating, and watching them wave their little hands at everyone...

(or the fact that I realize time is going fast...I mean, I do cry when I see Mr. Rogers commercials too.)

(It's probably because I'm getting old...sigh)

And the Town Square?

She is all dressed up for the holiday...

It's so fun to see everyone in their Red, White, and Blue...against the beautiful backdrop that is Northern Arizona at this time of year.

And before the mass amounts of vendors get all set up for the weekend...and the Whiskey Row Street Dance starts...which I'm not against per se...I'm just not a huge Country Music fan...and usually I can hear the dance like it's happening in my living room when I'm home at this time of the year...

Same with the rodeo.

But, it's worth all the fun everyone's having, and all the mayhem that ensues on this weekend.

Have a Happy Fourth of July!

I may pop in and out to post pictures this weekend...you never can tell.

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Wende said...

Oh man, those things always make me cry. I literally choke up and get all teary. Happy Fourth, Sadie. You're rocking your banner up there!


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