02 December 2009

Tamale Pride 09...

I'm not sure why we entitled the night that way...but, that's the way it went up on Facebook, so that's the way it will stay.
(it may have something to do with the red wine and not actually eating dinner until well after 8:00)

Last night, was spent making Tamales with Kim.  I love tamales, although, I've never made them...but it was easy peasy!

Kim had the husks soaking when I got there...and had prepared a pork filling with sauce already.

She also prepared the masa
(which has a whole lot of fat that you need to add to it...which probably explains why tamales are so darned tasty)

She also filled each husk
(first a layer of masa, then pork, then 3 olives...we were rationing)

I tied each end with ties made from shredding the husks we weren't going to use.



What?  It was her kitchen and she'd made them before...I hate to muscle my way in there.  And I also shredded the pork...and after everyone watched me struggle my way through that (I don't use a knife and fork well together for some reason...honestly, it's kind of sad to watch.) perhaps everyone was scared to let me "help" more than that.

And they complimented me on my tying skills.

I'm like a retarded step-child.

Actually, Kim said not only having me there made it twice as easy...it made it FOUR times as easy.  And the conversations was nice.

So there.

We also listened to classic 80's music on the radio while the girls made art projects (her oldest had an assignment due the next day and had already made us a no bake cheesecake for dessert earlier...the younger one is just creative.  Kim is an extremely talented artist as well...so I think I may know where these girls get it from)

It was my favorite kind of evening...

And I got to take a whole bag of tamales home with me!


Wende said...

Ooh, homemade tamales. LOVE them. We actually had tamales last night for dinner. Not homemade, but from the new costco. Which is a BIG deal out here in the middle of nowhere. We were all, "ooh, look, tamales."

It's the small things. Hee.

Anonymous said...

I asked my youngest SD to teach me how to make tamales during winter break a few weeks ago. Now I can't wait for her to get home. She said the trick was getting the masa just right...


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