29 December 2009

Pal Pause...

My Pal Amy is home.


Thank heavens
(sometimes you just have to wonder how your life goes so well at all if certain people aren't a daily part of it)

I count myself lucky to have had as many close and amazing friends over the years...and a lot of them are long term to boot.  Which means we know each others stories...and we view each other through the glasses of non-aging.

That's not to say that we're not maturing...it's just saying that sometimes when we smile, we don't notice those extra little wrinkles on each other, the ones we've earned through our sheer will to live each year...Like a couple that has been together for many years, we look through those things.  Instead we choose to exclaim, "Oh!  Look how young we look!" when we see past pictures...because surely we are still there...in our minds, with huge smiles on our faces.

That's what causes those things to happen you know.



It's all the facial expressions.

(I think there's also something about loosing skin elasticity as you age, but I'm not a scientist...and I may have read that in Cosmo for a Botox ad...but whatever.  It's not like we have skin like elephants or anything...)


Because of the kind of Pals Amy and I are...we had a lot of catching up to do (cause email just doesn't catch all the subtle nuances of a life)  Which was done gladly at her house in the presence of my other family, eating, drinking and being merry...and playing Cranium.

Of course.

All that smiling creating more wrinkles and the evidence of a life well led.


Sophia said...

Awww...so glad to read that you had a great time. Nothing wrong with laughing...it does the heart well! :)

Magical Mom said...

As for the wrinkles.... banish them away! Pick up some Weleda Skin Food at Target. It is really thick but works wonders, I tell you. I love the stuff and at 42 with no permenant wrinkles yet it must work. A tube last me about 2 months. My ears were getting wrinkly and no longer. If I could just get rid of the wizard shimmer in my hair as easily.....


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