24 December 2009

Dear Santa...

Well, here we are on yet another eve of another Christmas (am I making you feel old yet?)  It's reminding me a bit of the John Lennon song where he sings...So this is Christmas, and what have you done?
(I am taking the opportunity to leave out the, another year older, a new one just begun...just in case anyone is feeling any kind of pressure about various and sundry life things)

Well, I have hung on through another year only to put up the tree and not come one inch close to decorating it...which is why I roll my eyes every time I walk through the living room and spy the box that houses the tree decor...of which I seem to have enough to decorate a 10 foot tree by this point...but, does anyone else feel the need to snatch up vintage ornaments just in case they become sparse in some future we have yet to see?  I mean...I just grabbed a few more bags at the thrift this morning...they'd finally put them out, on Christmas Eve just in time for their 70% off sale (classic!  Giggle)  But, don't worry...I rescued them.

All that aside...this was a rather interesting year.  Full of a lot of opportunities for growth (which is a fancy way of saying that sometimes the universe has a great sense of humor and likes to kick the proverbial butt) and in the midst of all that growing there was also a lot of happy moments...little surprises and twists and turns in the road that I would have never anticipated, and there were times when I was left throwing my hands up because I just didn't quite know what was around the next corner, but I figured that I would keep on walking...because you just never do know about these things.

And, now it's time to write my annual letter to Santa and think a tiny bit ahead about appropriate New Years Resolutions (if I want to do such things this year...we've already established that the tree wasn't decorated after all) I would like to be all sorts of altruistic and ask Santa for World peace and happiness and joy...and while I do wish for those things, I am also looking for the courage to welcome in and then live my dreams with eyes wide open, and the patience to slow down and see what is around me, and the ability to change the things I can and the smile to do it with...I would also appreciate the wisdom to know when to jump and when to stop and observe (because sometimes jumping in with both feet is more disruptive than just sitting on the side and dangling those feet over the edge)

And a Wii.

Santa, I would really like a Wii for Christmas...and while you're at it, maybe guitar hero.  Please.  If you could fit that into your sack and it wouldn't be too much trouble...Because I've been good this year (mostly)

You know?

So I can sit down and have some fun!

What are you wishing for this Christmas Season?

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