04 December 2009

Handmade Holiday Solutions...

I am finding myself immersed in the swirling energy that is the Holiday Gift Giving Season...and I am noticing that I am slowing down and really giving it some thought this year.

I am almost ashamed to say that I have not made anything for anyone this holiday season...and I am going to be doing good to get my holiday cards made (I didn't even use a picture of myself this year...maybe next year)  But, I am feeling drawn to art, vintage and handmade items for gifts this year instead...

Luckily for me, with the advent of Etsy.com I can still send handmade and vintage...all while supporting other artists.

I also carry a few handmade goodies from local artists at Snap Snap.

I just got these wonderful wallets in not too long ago from a very talented seamstress gal.  The wallets are made from 99.9% reclaimed and recycled materials (Katie...the talented designer informed me that she has to buy her Velcro new however because reclaimed Velcro is kind of a mess) and the wallets are just beautiful.

They are each totally different, and sewn with such skill and precision (there are several pockets for cards, and coins...with the loveliest of stitching) and it reminds me of something I would make if I was nearly as talented of a seamstress as she is...and  I am both  honored and delighted when Katie found her way into the shop recently.  The wallets are $20 each and available now.

I also carry a line of fantastic jewelry from my dear friend Megan...which can be bought here online if you aren't close to Snap Snap this holiday season...Megan also sells her prints here, which are just as enchanting as her wearable art.

And, one of my most favoritest of jewelry artists can also be found here at her online shop Sue-Lieu's...because everyone has different jewelry styles...and I am in love with both of these ladies visions.

I also find myself swooning a lot whenever I check in to drool over the goodies at Wende's shop...Mireio.  I can almost smell her candles through the computer screen, and there's more than once when I wished for smell-o-vision while viewing her site.

And since we're on the subject, you also need to pop over to Vanessa's shop...her art and dolls and creatures are as whimsical as they are smile producing...and I seriously threaten a trip down South to give her a big hug soon...and to also get my hands on her creatures as I am usually too late to nab one for my very own...

And today, my friend Sally dropped some hilarious 2010 calendars featuring Dream Dads of Prescott...with 12 months of womans fantasies about the men in their lives (like cooking dinner, and changing diapers) including some quotes that made me giggle.  The calendars are $18 and the proceeds benefit some lovely programs for Step Up For Kids here in Prescott.

It is so amazing to have a front row seat to all the  creativity and fun that is in the world now...and it's even better to be able to snatch up a bit of the action with the click of a mouse!

Happy Holiday Shopping

If you know of anyone else that is talented beyond belief...please leave a link in the comments section so we can keep the handmade and vintage journey going this season.


Anonymous said...

Those wallets are beautiful!

Sophia said...

I love the wallets. And I am going to have to check out these other places. Thank you for sharing. :)

megan said...

thanks for the shout out lady!

Wende said...


Thank you so much for mentioning Mireio. I really appreciate the support. Happy Handmade Sales to you! :D


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