21 January 2010

The Perfect Storm...

We're in the middle of it.


After a huge build up and me running around scoffing and wondering why everyone was freaking out...the actual storm finally hit.

At some point last night, the rain turned to snow.  I woke up to about 8 inches of snow at Foolsewoode...which was fine with me, until it turned to rain.

And then it started to rain...and while it was raining, it decided to melt the already accumulated frozen precipitation...which is when I decided to go to Snap Snap.  I really wanted to post about all of this earlier and totally intended to, and that's when I walked into the shop and noticed a whole river of water seeping along the floor...add that to the water pouring through the ceiling in the middle room and it makes for a very interesting day indeed.

One where a Mac doesn't get plugged in and a whole lot of frantic phone calls are made for help.

Lucky for me not only did Rich drop what he was doing to run to my aid...but my landlord sent a handy guy down for all of the tenants as well.

My day has consisted of a whole lot of bailing and pouring out of water containers, a lot of moving of clothing out of the way of water, filling and placing sandbags, and a lot of floor time with a shop vac and mop.

Needless to say, I am exhausted and a teeny bit stressed...and anxious about going back to work tomorrow to see what's new.

As I currently sit at the computer, I am watching the lights flicker on and off accompanied by howling 50+ mph winds.  I am getting up and lighting candles after I get done here...

Phoenix has tornado warnings, we have school closures, I-17 Northbound is closed indefinitely as of 6pm tonight, the creeks are rising...and I'm happy to say that after all the water drama at the shop today, Foolsewoode's various troughs (inside in the basement put into the concrete floors by the original builder...and outside the house put there by a woman with a hoe during a rainstorm (me) to keep the water from collecting and then seeping in the back door) are holding tough and keeping the water moving where it needs to be.


Not to mention, someone I know rather personally (me again) may or may not have been up on their flowered kitchen step stool with their hands in the overflowing gutter by the front door (which isn't so bad when it's cold because you loose feeling in your hands pretty fast bytheway) grabbing hand fulls of debris to bail that situation out (I was already soaked through...and my cold seemed to be getting better)  Upon hearing the satisfying whoosh of water running through the gutter again...I stopped.  Now instead of tons of water overflowing out of the gutter and all over the porch...it's flowing into the flower bed...and out through the crack where the wall meets the bottom of the post (or not) and all over the porch.



▲my• said...

Beautiful photos!

Yeah... the storm is getting bigger and bigger here in Phoenix. Lot's and lots of windy rain. Our porch is flooded...

And the ceiling started leaking in my ballet class the night before last. Couldn't make it to class due to the rain today, God only knows how much water's in the studio!

O.o your poor shop! Hopefully it'll be an easy fix!

Suzanne said...

Glad to see it finally came! We're getting torrents of water here this morning so far. Thinking of the joy it will be getting a little one into daycare in it, and hoping we'll be able to get into some snow in the mountains this weekend.

I do hope you didn't have too much damage in your shop and it gets better, as well as you!


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