20 January 2010

Mostly Wordless Wednesday...

Ohhhh...what's that?

That, my dear cat, is a Javellina!

As shot from inside the house this weekend (hence the not so great picture quality)  I don't usually go out and rile these guys up...even if it is a fun picture opportunity.  And I was a bit worried about this one, because they usually travel in packs.  But I wasn't worried enough to pop my head out the door and ask it, "...why so alone?"

So, this is my 1001th post.

I missed shouting about my 1000th post.

I'm not sure what to think about that.  I'm amazed that I found enough to say that I posted 1000 times...I hope I find more to say in the future.  I hate to say that I'm a bit nervous that I've exhausted every topic out there...


Anonymous said...

That's an odd-looking creature...I had to google it because I've never heard of one before... my source said you usually smell it before it gets there. Was that true?

Danielle said...

Hi Sadie! There has been so many javelinas in our neighborhood recently. I have seen two different "packs" recently. One family has newborn twins...-so cute! My dog Lola loves to watch the pig parade go by!

Chickenbells said...

Lois...I did not actually smell it, but I've smelled them before (I had two standing in the portico to the house during a rainstorm one day...very stinky) but the reason I was alerted to its presence was that Mena was very interested in something outside and it was very snorty and loud...and we could hear it very well through the closed up house!

Danielle! How cute the babies are, aren't they? But everyone gets extra mean when the babies are around...they also get extra greedy and I've seen them nose them out of the way when they're going for food.

Tonya said...

Congrats on 1001 posts! I'm excited to read your next 1001 posts.


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