23 January 2010

Open For Business...


It's officially Saturday, and I'm here at Snap Snap today.  I've actually been at Snap Snap each day during this crazy storm...bailing and using the shop vac.  Things are holding steady, and for the moment I feel like I've won the battle of the water and snow.

For now.

People are starting to thaw out and drive around the mostly wet and slightly slushy roads and come out and shop (I think people are a bit stir crazy)  I've never seen an entire town shut down with less than a foot of snow on the ground...and I actually grew up here and remember that we still got out and around during the times it snowed three feet.

(plus?  When you live within walking distance of your business...you tend to feel a bit guilty if you can't get here whenever you need to...just sayin)

Of course it didn't help local businesses that The Prescott Courier had a headline yesterday urging businesses to stay closed.

With less than a foot of snow?

I would like to urge The Prescott Courier to ask the landlords, banks, and utilities to give the business owners a break when it comes to paying this months bills.

As it was, I was able to clear up the damage from the storm very effectively, clean the floors and corners very thoroughly, reorganize shelves jewelry and things on my to-do list, redo the front window a bit...putting in a vintage sled (like a statement...hee hee),  mark down shoes and other things that needed to be dealt with...and get Snap Snap all geared up for everyone coming in on Saturday.  I figured people are going to be pretty stir crazy...

I was right.

A big thank you goes out to the sweet young barrista at  The Sacred Bean next door to Snap Snap, who was out shoveling his sidewalk earlier in anticipation of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate drinkers that will be flooding in today...he came over and shoveled my sidewalk, the one in between us that stretches the span of the parking lot...and the driveway into the parking lot out to the street.  There should be no problem in getting down here to grab a hot cuppa and shop for winter accessories at Snap Snap and onto all the other things the wonderful downtown merchants have to offer...

Come on down and join the party going on in the newly shoveled and totally open Downtown Prescott!


megan said...

good for you for braving the treachery! i know i'm a bit stir crazy! hope to see you soon!

wende said...

I cannot believe the weather y'all are having. Stunning... and so hard for business. I have to tell you tho, I love seeing glimpses into your store. It looks so inviting!!


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