05 January 2010


Every day I receive a horoscope in my email inbox...I also have an automatic updated one on my facebook page, and one on my Mac Dashboard.  I also check a monthly one on it's own site.

I like to have my bases covered.

You never know, and mostly?  They're all a bit different from each other.

Although.  Although...my horoscopes are rather um, different.

I'm an Aries.  I personally think this is the most fabulous thing to be...ask any Aries you know, they'll most likely tell you the same thing.  We're the leaders of the Astrological chart...although, some would be quick to say it's because we have to be because of the personality we have.  Fire fire fire...leadership and all that...and get out of my way, I can do it better than you!

Which isn't necessarily true.


I like to say that I'm never wrong...I'm just sometimes not right.

I also know, growing up with a mother who has been studying Astrology since before I was born...what goes into your natal chart is a little more in depth than reading a daily horoscope and going on your way.  Daily horoscopes are a little too generic.  Astrology is a very detailed science people.  I happen to have my natal chart in my possession...I know what my rising and my moon is, and where all my planets fall and in what houses...what I came in with and where I'm going.  And while Astrology is an involved science, it's not necessarily an exact, "...do this!  NOW!" science.  There's a lot to be left to interpretation.

But, that still doesn't stop me from trying to hedge my bets by reading my daily horoscopes...Which, as I said before, can be somewhat odd.

My Pal Amy and I use to hang out at Smiths (before it turned into Fry's) when we didn't have anything else to do on a Friday night...what?  You never hung out in a grocery store on a weekend night when you were in high school.


Well, maybe I have bigger problems than just a wonky horoscope...

Anyway...I've been thinking a lot lately about hanging out at the grocery because one of the things we use to do was check our horoscopes in Cosmo...or Seventeen...or probably a lot of magazines.  True to form, Amy's would be some wonderful skip through the tall grasses and flowers because you're going to meet your one true love this month and make a million dollars and probably be the president and travel a lot...and mine would usually be something like: "You could have a party this month...IF you had friends.  People think you're strange and loud.  Make some bean dip anyway...you never know, at least you'll have something to eat for lunch..."  Which really went a long way to upset both the Aries in me and the teenage girl in me...causing me to give an eye roll and exasperated dramatic sigh and close said magazines and huff away from the other girl who was holding onto the magazine rack and who was most certainly doubled over in what could only be explained as hysterical laughter.

Usually I'm good at brushing them off and laughing at them, but much like the Fortune Cookie App on facebook that kept giving me really awful messages...my horoscope lately has been really strange.  Especially lately.  With Mercury in retrograde (going direct in the middle of this month...just a few more days...) I think I read in an extended horoscope earlier this month that I should put off anything important that I want the answers to until March...because it will be only then I will get the answers to that which I seek.

I am seriously wondering if I can just use this as an excuse to take a 2 month long vacation from my life, or do I have to keep showing up?  It sounds like it's going to be confusing any way...

Today's horoscope said I should lie and don't give away my secrets, although it may have been put in a nicer way, but I can totally read the underlying message.

And I'm not even sure who I'm supposed to be protecting myself from...or why?

I guess I'll find out in March.

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Anonymous said...

I have a natal chart, too...Mine has three grand trines... The astrologer said that is something very unusual...

Suzanne said...

We ARIES....ahhhh...so much like each other in our crazy minds...I mean that our minds make us crazy!

It read, "Lie and DON'T give away your secrets", or give them away? I little contradictory in the second one. I have that way of pouring things out easily too....

Anyhow, happiest of new years to you! I hope it is going well so far!

Heidi said...

If you want to be truly baffled, get your palm and tarot cards read, too. Then you won't know what to do!

But I agree with one thing: ARIES ROCK! :)

Rich C said...

Hey, my horoscope said the same thing, and I'm a Scorpio...... What the heck?

Chickenbells said...

Well Rich...Both Aries and Scorpio are ruled by Mars (you've got an extra planet as well...to make you doubly fixed water...and you've got double Scorpio in your chart) So...it would stand to reason, depending on what's going on with Mars...Sometimes Scorpio and Aries will overlap?

wende said...

I can't say I've ever been much of a fan of horoscopes. And then, I found Rob Brezney's Free Will Astrology. He's amazing! Seriously, even sceptic IZ has me forward his for the week to him in instant messaging! :D

Check it out: http://www.freewillastrology.com/


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