07 January 2010


Something to look forward to...

 When I was down in The Valley visiting Claudine for my pre-holiday celebrations, we stopped by Anthropologie.   I'm sure you could have guessed I would do such a thing...even though, I was really at the mall to do Christmas shopping.



Anywho...I had to stop in the store...it is right next to Sephora (though we won't mention that I entered through that shop before I walked into Sephora) and since I was right there...well.  Whatever.  I don't need to justify my stopping in (do I?)  After all, I don't go crazy when I go there...well, my eyes do, but my pocketbook has more sensibilities than that.

(even though most everything is on sale lately)
(and even though, I could buy almost anything in that store and it would fit right in here at Foolsewoode)

For instance:  Anthropologie happened to be featuring a lot of felt hats this season.  Not only do I look great in hats and love to wear them...this haircut?  It was totally made for a hat...especially a purple cloche style with a flower on the side...one side dipping down lower than the other that looks as if it was made by a real craftsman?  In the 20's?  Oh yeah...on the head it went for a trial...and with a smile a wink and a rather big sigh, off the head it went and back onto the rack.

And the purple knit 1940's style dress?  The one in my size that was on sale?  The one that is made by the company that usually makes dresses that look as if they were made specifically for my body?  I didn't even try that one on...I couldn't risk it.  However, now that I think about it, it may have matched that hat just perfectly.


See?  It's a good thing I didn't even try it on.

Isn't it?

I did immerse myself in the sale area...and came up with a perfect compromise.  A sweet knit dress that I figured I can also wear as a long cardigan...I have been after a knit dress all season, and this one was generously marked down...so much so, that I could have bought it in both colors that were there and still have spent less on the other purple dress.  Or the hat for that matter.  We won't focus on the fact that I could have looked like a movie star.


We won't.

  We will instead be very happy that the weather has turned a bit warmer this week, and with enough layers, I can finally wear my new dress out of the house.  After all, the minute I spied this dress on the rack in all of its sheer knit glory, I immediately paired it with one of my many vintage slips hanging in my closet. 

They have been practically begging to be layered with a sheer knit dress this season...

Now I just need to dig up a metallic belt and some shortie boots...

(and some extra money for that purple hat)

(and that dress)



~Molly~ said...

um, hello!! Where is the picture of the new, cute haircut??? Inquiring minds want to see how cute it really is! LOVE the sweater dress, that's adorable.

Chickenbells said...

Oh it's not a new haircut...it's the same one...I just got it re-trimmed!

Sophia said...

heee...Hey...your post reminded me that I have yet to get my first Anthropologie catalog. I ordered that thing a long time ago! :D

Hope you have a good Friday.


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