12 January 2010

Hey Lady...Your Age is Showing...

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Ms. Dina this weekend by phone...who was, rather agitated by the state of making a decision about new glasses.  And since I was just sitting all wrapped up in my Flanket on the couch watching Will and Grace...I hopped up and went to her house so we could venture out and be glasses fashionistas.

Upon arriving at her sweet love nest humble abode cottage...I was greeted by shopping bags full of fashion and one lady who was sure she was unable to make a decision about anything that day, good bad or otherwise.  Bringing only my sense of style...and no emergency chocolate, we set to work going through her shwag.

Which, of course, resulted in a whole lot of cutie!  Then again, Ms. Dina is a whole lot of cutie herself, and I have hardly ever seen her not dress that way.   The girl just plain oozes fashion, and there's not a week that goes by when I'm not greeted by something in my inbox she's sent me to see. You know when you have certain friends that you just can't wait to see what they're wearing or how they look?  She's that friend.  Actually, come to think of it...I would say most of my friends are that friend.  As it was, she needent worry about her recent finds, I liked them all.

Luckily with all the well dressed creative people that live in my life...we don't all share the same style.  Meaning that while we appreciate what each other wear...we can all pull off our own looks and are objective and non-threatened when asked our opinions...I was thinking rather smugly about this and that's when Dina pulled out the cutest plaid western dress ever!

"My mother thinks this looks like a hillbilly.."

As if.

I was stammering around while she explained that she could wear it with leggings and cowboy boots and that's when I swooned and hit the floor missing her Pomeranian Lu-Lu by mere inches as she danced around behind us begging for a treat.  And all I could think was..."NO!  I love this!" and silently wished for an outfit just like it because I was so inspired...

...and look what happened across my desk yesterday.  A whole plaid western shirt dress that I can pair with leggings and my cowboy boots and a little cardigan with lots of fluffy up by the collar.

This is when I realized that I often do this...wish for something and then it appears in my life rather suddenly and unexpectedly making me wonder why I don't wish for the winning lottery ticket.

Next time.


And world peace.


Call it Quantum Physics or being psychic...manifestation?  Whatever it is, I love it when it happens...especially when it happens in my size.  And this dress was co-designed by Taylor Swift!

Oh.  Really?

Cause you're really a singer/fashion designer?

To tell you  the truth, I was a bit stymied by that one.  I mean...after reading that bit of information on the tag, I was questioning my youthfulness.  As in:  Am I too old to wear this and leave the house?

I mean...I personally pull off a lot fashion wise (mostly because I believe I can) but I don't want to be that woman.

You know the one?  Who wears mini skirts while her knees are pooling around her ankles?  Or as I like to call it in the West when shorts season is in full swing:  Honey...those shorts do not look good with those varicose veins.

Because, let's face it...there's not a lot that goes with varicose veins...and sometimes they're an unfortunate side effect of aging...or having a job where you stand a lot...or happening to turn around in a dressing room about 10 years ago only to discover a purple spot on the back of your knee and almost fainting because surely you're not old enough to have a varicose vein forheavenssake...effectively making you not wear shorts out in public while silently praising the person who has brought back both Capri pants and long plaid shorts that hit below the knee (ahem.  You know...just in case that's ever happened to you?)

I donned the dress this morning anyway...as planned, complete with leggings and boots.  Growing up in Cowboy country when you're not one isn't usually conducive to fostering the love of anything Western...but I have always been a little attracted to Vintage Western with a Kick.

Or a kitsch...whatever.

And seeing as I've gotten a lot of compliments on my outfit, I guess I can assume that no one thinks I'm trying to rise above my age with the help of Taylor Smith.

I suppose I don't have to mention what went through my head as I pulled on my black leggings created by BCBG Max Azria and Miley Cyrus.


And also?  I found it especially challenging this morning to find a good pose where I didn't look fat, or like I was leaning...I need a stylist.


thatgirldina said...

Oh. My. Miss Sadira! You are too kind! I am seriously sitting here blushing! Thanks so much for all your help this past weekend, as well as for the nicest compliments. I could just pinch you!

But, I couldn't help but wonder....is your cutie-patootie dress designed by Taylor Swift, or Taylor Smith? Because, well, you know...I have NOOOOO idea who Taylor Smith is! I'm off to google.

You're a peach!

Oh...and your boots? Those are hawt!

Anonymous said...

That outfit is bodacious, I love it! You definitely pull it off and you look great!

I know I am not one of those friends who you can't wait to see what they look like or are wearing.. I think I gave up on that a long time ago and could now use some real help in that area. I think a huge cleanout of my closet and another visit to your store may be in order... :)

Anyway, stop with the olster references - you are young and fabulous!!!

:) Amy

Kristal said...

You are just TOO much! You look fab in a HillBilly Kool kinda way, but I ♥ the BooTs!! 2 DIE 4!

I too was wondering, is it Taylor Smith (who?) or Taylor Swift (country singer)? Either way, you are One Classy Chicky!


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