03 August 2009

How's Tricks...

I know.

I totally promised before and after pictures didn't I? Well, there hasn't been any after to take pictures of, seeing as we've hit a bit of a snag, and the project had to be put down for the weekend.

The project should be done by today, so there's something.

All I'm at liberty to say is that it is coming along well, and will be an amazing finish...and if I say any more then the giant chicken will carry me away.

(apparently giant chickens really don't like surprises ruined)

I had a lovely weekend however short it appears in retrospect...Saturday DaNece and I met for a late breakfast, which turned into a hair re-do for her (complete with product and color) other girlie types of things and ended with pizza and a movie...It was fantastic!

Sunday I popped down to Seligman with Rich to get a Route 66 fix.

Sunday night
I was lucky enough to be invited over to Kim's for a greasy yummy dinner with her and her two darling girls. I love these girls and have been lucky enough to know them since their births...they are smart, polite, well spoken, and beautiful with just the right amount of silly thrown in (kind of like their mother) We ate, danced...and performed tricks in the living room (things like cartwheels, roundoffs and headstands...and I lamented the fact that I didn't have the camera, because there's nothing cuter than seeing a child who is "this many" as she holds up 4 fingers...do a headstand on a pillow...her crazy cute grin and sparkling eyes...) and I left worn out and happy with a stack of pictures drawn just for me, the promise of more fun nights like this, and a bit of a sore body...

(it was all the tricks)


Sillie_Girl said...

can't wait to see the after pictures of Foolsewoode! Thanks for all the help with the hair re-do..Sounds like you had a good rest of the weekend too.

sulu-design said...

Look at you, keeping us waiting with baited breath. Do show, do show!

Rhonda Roo said...

Well now though the suspense might be fettering away at me, you certainly know how to distract a girl--sweet kiddo stories and a giant chicken to boot!!
Youre not gonna believe this but just this morning i past a store that had a giant bull in front of it and was saying to Cowboy why oh why do i ever go anywhere but the bathroom without my camera????
I'll stay tuned
xoxoxoxoxoox Rhonda Roo


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