11 August 2009

One Potato...Two...

This weekend was Farm Day at the Farmer's Market.

I have no idea what this could possibly mean seeing as far as I'm concerned, every day is Farm Day at the Farmer's Market. Although, there were goats and llamas there this week, and there aren't usually goats and llamas there...I don't think they were for sale though. Seeing as I usually don't spend more than $20 at the market, they probably weren't in my budget.

Actually, I probably shouldn't say that, because I have no idea what an organic locally grown llama or goat would bring nowadays...but I can only assume that it would be more than $20.

Maybe it would be $30. or $32. but even if that is a great deal for a slightly used locally grown organic farm animal...I think we can all argue how important it is to stick to a budget in these economic times.

Unless they were delinquent organic farm animals. And really, even if it is a good deal, that would just be opening up a whole other can of worms.

There were worms at the market.
They make good compost you know.

Well their castings do...not the actual worms I wouldn't think.
(castings = fancy word for worm poop)

I think we can agree that as easily distracted as I am, it was a good idea that I decided to just stick to the organic produce. Which can bring up any amount of personal angst...cooking for one is always a little harder than cooking for more than one, because of my inability to judge portion size. Luckily I'm usually I'm at the market with various friends, so I can easily talk someone into splitting something with me. Seeing as I can't usually eat a whole share of what is on any given table before it goes all fuzzy and bad and lays in wait to attack me whenever I open the fridge...

Also? My new fridge is tiny.

This week it happened to be potatoes. (and green beans, but I haven't gotten my half share of that right yet, cause they went home with someone else for the time being and we keep forgetting to split up the shares) Yes...there were scads of the most beautifully colored potatoes I've ever seen...red, purple, regular colored...just fantastic! And I couldn't possibly pass them up.

I scored a whole big basket of mini taters...


I placed them next to my rapidly aging hand for a size comparison.

Yes. There are a lot of wrinkles there...and I would like to think that some sort of moisturizer would help, or a trip to Madge's nail parlor to soak in some Palmolive, but there you go.

Um, that would be for the hands, not the taters.

I moisturize my taters with butter as it just so happens.

Organic garlic butter I bought at the market...good for lactose intolerant people and everything. I just can't stop eating in on bread.
But, I'm sure it would be great on the potatoes.

Which are small...

I'm calling them bite-sized taters...and if I wash them all up, they will cook up perfectly without any slicing...that is, if I can find them and they don't actually go down the drain before they go into the pot.

The cat is calling them a waste of money...but what does she know?

She almost got an organic locally grown llama for a brother.


Kristal said...

Actually, I believe that LGFA's (locally grown farm animals) are going for around $18, add in $1 worth of worms and you would still have a buck left over!! LOL!!! Seriously, those are some might small taters there. Colorful though. And yes, I am stalking you :0)

Anonymous said...

bwahahahahahaa... potatoes, llamas, and worm castings... only you, my dear! LOL!

enjoy the bounty...


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