07 August 2009

Welcome Home...

After the total home make-over, I thought a new welcome mat may be in order. I have a huge soft spot for welcome mats (often making my ex threaten horrible things if I were to bring another one home...) and I often like to change my welcome mats for the seasons.

I'm not actually a Pisces, I'm a fire sign...my chart being a little water void, so maybe this little mat will help balance that out for me? It will, at the very least be a very cheery thing to come home to...

If I can stop staring at the house and look down that is.

I'm off to enjoy a fun weekend:

*A special celebration dinner for Matthew's new career

*Early Saturday yoga and other plans with DaNece

*Cleaning the inside of the house and lots of creative endeavors in the kitchen

*Totally enjoying the fact that upon waking up this morning, I noticed that the shadows are slightly different...leaning towards fall. The temperatures are also moving down for the next couple of days as well...fooling me a little into wanting to plant myself in the middle of a pumpkin patch somewhere.


Sillie_Girl said...

wonderful welcome mat! It goes great with the new colors!

quilteddogs said...

Love the mat. Do you mind me asking where you got it?

Rhonda Roo said...

Perfect choice, love the mat for its color combo and its quirkiness, and the elemental component can only be a good balance thing :-). YAY for early morning yoga! And a myriad of other events that qualify you to be a social butterfly of sorts this weekend.
OOOOhhh please tell me fall is on its way. My heart is yearning for it....


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