27 August 2009

If The Shoe Hits...Throw It...

Yes, there I am...standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona

This is from a picture taken a while ago during my last trip down Route 66...if it was me today?

I'd be propped up on a corner in Winslow Arizona, hanging around the neck of that statue.

Or better yet...

Laying around moaning on a corner in Winslow Arizona.

I think we can admit that the second sentence is much more lyrical, but still isn't as poetic as the original music score.

And probably? The girl my lord in a flat bed Ford would certainly be slowing down to take a look at me, and then hopefully be panicked enough to load me onto the back of her truck and take me to the nearest couch...where she would serve me lots of very pulpy Orange Juice, chicken soup, and let me watch all of the seasons of Will and Grace.

She's nice, that girl.

I'm thinking she would also probably squeeze me some fresh Orange Juice as well...

We apparently have an understanding, and besides...women are usually very nurturing.

I seem to have caught a summer cold. My mother reminds me every once in a while that ever since a very young age, both my sister and I usually get colds when it's still warm outside during the day and cold at night.

(per example: we happen to have extreme heat advisories for the next few days...being in the mid nineties during the day and the high fifties at night...nothing unusual there really, just pure desert living at its best)

So yesterday I laughed when I started sneezing. It was one of those HA! scoffing laughs...crazy allergies! Until about the middle of the day when I realized they weren't.

They were a cold.

Or the Swine Flu.

Because of course, someone had to point out that I may have the Swine Flue. Who says that? Here's a hint: Someone who wants to get hit with a shoe. I'm warning you, in case you run into someone this season is sick? Don't say that. Because if they are quick on their feet and the dizziness from the fever they insist that they do not have is not too intense, they may just be coordinated enough to take their shoe off and smack you with it.

Apparently this cold has taken away my sense of humor.

Unless you think it's funny to get smacked with a shoe...then I'm your gal.

Only, I'll let you in on a little secret: The fever that I insist that I don't have happens to be making me dizzy (by the way, just because you insist that you don't have a fever, doesn't make it so...she discovers yet again. I mean, even wearing my tiara while lounging on the couch isn't helping...it's that bad) so both my rapid shoe removal reflexes and swinging arm will probably be effected...and I don't have the energy to chase you down the street.

Not today.

Yesterday either.

Hopefully tomorrow.


Rich said...

Here's hoping you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon. Hope it's not the flu or a cold. Just a short anomaly.

Anonymous said...

I do hope you feel better soon!
And I'm pretty sure your sense of humor is still intact, as I found myself snickering at your shoe throwing threats. :-)
Get Well Soon!!!!


p.s. high 90's????? Try 113 today!!!

Anonymous said...

Great picture! One of the other teachers at my school is from Winslow and we were just talking about "Standing on a Corner Days" haha! Another teacher here is from Nogales - small world huh, that we would be put together all the way over here in Hungary.. Sorry to hear you are sick - hope you get well soon!!!

:) Amy

Wende said...

I hope you're feeling better! This summer bug is making the rounds!


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