04 April 2008

Yogurt Mat Bag...

This is what Rich calls it.


"How was your yogurt class?"
"Are you going to yogurt today?"

Yes I am...and I am taking my ultra pink yogurt mat in it's brand new Yogurt bag...


This is some of the new fabric I got this week...It is the Yoga Monkey pattern by Michael Miller, from the store jcaroline creative. Which, in my esteemed opinion, is a wonderful online fabric store. I simply adore the yoga monkeys (almost fainting dead away when it popped up on the screen) and knew without a doubt, that it was imperative that I have this fabric in which to make a yoga mat bag (I'd been wanting to make one for a bit now) I think the insidethehead conversation went something like:

"Lord in heaven...I must have that yoga monkey fabric in which to make a yoga mat bag asap." (all while using the serious and matter of fact insidethehead voice, of course.)

I completely made up this pattern. Which means, I researched what all the cool yoga people are carrying nowadays...and then tried to figure out what I wanted to see in a yoga mat bag...you know? For personal use?

  • I really wanted something to hold a yoga mat...
  • Some kind of strap in which to sling it over my shoulder so I could easily transport everything to and from yoga class
  • I wanted something with monkeys on it

That about covers it. (except that last one...I didn't even begin to imagine that I could have monkeys doing yoga on a yard of fabric, the fact that I did find this fabric was a complete bouns)

The strap is made from a woven 100% cotton strap, and clasped together with a plastic buckle thingy, making the straps totally adjustable, just in case I may need such a feature in the future. I finished the bag in a spare hour and a half I had this morning...

I paired the monkey fabric with a color coordinating fabric that consists of blue argyles, because I love me some argyles...almost as much as I love paisleys...or monkey's doing yoga...err...um...yogurt. I bought thie argyle fabric at JoAnn's here in town...and for some unknown reason it was only $2/yard...and I thought a perfect compliment in which to line a yoga mat bag, and create an outside pocket on the bag.

  • The pocket is for my iPod and is open at the top.
  • The green button was scouted from one of my 3 button boxes.
  • It is vintage.
  • I adore it as well.
  • (I used pink embroidery thread to attach it)

The only way in which the button is functional is to bring me great joy when I look at it...the button does not keep anything closed, or fastened...it's just a wonderful vintage button. Can you believe that I did not, in any of my button boxes (and to be fair, there are also several jars, and one rather large zip lock bag...I smell button give-away coming up soon) find a monkey button? I know...I can hardly believe that myself.

You might think that making a yoga mat bag is easy business, but I woke up early giddy with excitement, going over in my head exactly what I would need to do to make the bag...including the part where you dig out a ZipLock Container To Go lid to use as a circle template (this is after running around the house wondering why I don't seem to have more circle shaped things lying about) That is absolutely a must when you are making a yoga mat bag (one may question themselves at this juncture, if the author is now trying to use the phrase yoga mat bag in some sort of a record breaking way?)

It is also a must that one find a perfectly matched tank top at the thrift the very same morning that the bag was completed in which to iron and sew on a yoga monkey carefully cut from the left over parts of the Yoga Monkey fabric...to actually DO yogurt in...all matchy~matchy with one's new yoga mat bag (yup, there it is again)

The only person I warned ahead of time that there was yoga monkey fabric on it's way in which to make a yoga mat bag was The Amazing Megan. That conversation went like this:

Me: Megan...I just ordered the most adorable fabric! It's lime green, and has monkeys on it, doing yoga! (she collapses in a fit of giggles)

The Amazing Megan: Really? Um...Are they sock monkeys?

Me: (sitting up straight and saying quite seriously) Meeeegan...Um...NO. Sock Monkeys don't DO yoga.

(as if)

(though, one may argue that no monkey probably does yoga...per se...but that one is seriously rocking the tree pose)


Anonymous said...

Totally cute! Just oozing with coolness!

Jennifer Goertzen said...

I believe that it was some sort of sign or omen or something that I read this monkey-intensive post while wearing a T-shirt that has see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil monkeys on it.

I do not know what it was a sign of.

thatgirldina said...

You rock.
That is all.

She sure is strange! said...

Aaaaack!! HOW ADORABLE!!! Good job on the bag too, that's pretty sweet.

Wish we could get the silly pigger to deliver her babies, I'm kind of in midwife mode right now and can't do ANYTHING else. Sigh. I am, however, going over to one of my piles(stacks) and de-piling it slowly. In between piggie dilation checks, :^)

Mary (craft addict) said...

I had no idea there were yogurt monkeys but they are quite cute -- and agile. The bag is fabulous! I'm totally not surprised; you are fab, too.

Anonymous said...

dude, matthew calls it yogurt too and thinks he's thee coolest. missed yoaga thurs nite b/c of el job-o. dinner and drinks saturday at 6:30 if you're free and/or inclined. xoxox megs

Wende said...

This is very cute.


I'm no fan of Yogurt, so I have no need of a mat. :D OY.

Send me email with all the newsy news... m'kay. Your comment sounded ominous!

Mytutorlist.com said...

Oh my gosh, you are the best person ever! I have never met anyone in my life who was quite so resourceful when it came to yoga outfits. I was pretty impressed with the yoga bag and the yoga monkey. The green button was another plus, but when you started talking about sewing a cut out of the yoga monkey onto your shirt, you definitely won the prize.

Geggie said...

I got a new yogurt bag last week, too. A friend gave it to me. it's not nearly as cute as yours!!

bleeding espresso said...

That is adorable! Would definitely make me want to go to yoga class ;)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your yogurt mat bag! The monkey fabric is AWESOME.

(This whole post made me laugh! It had a kind of Bridget Jones-ish-ness to it for some reason. And who doesnt' love Bridget?)

Blue Dragonfly said...

That is THE cutest bag I have EVER seen, and I so love the colors and the print! I am envious! I would offer to pay you to make me one just like it (and of course, I'd rant and rave about the artist), to fit my yoga mat that I used once, and then a few times to do some pushups and situps on.... I so love the tank also! You are so ultra talented! You should seriously consider opening your own boutique of your creations!

Felicia said...

Well that bag is just cute as cake.


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